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  1. goatgurl

    Goatgurl - life goes on at someday farm

    awww thanks for worrying about me. weird spring and summer and have been crazy busy. still working at the museum 4 days a week which 1 or 2 days to get caught up here and do my shopping and 1 day to polish rocks. these are a few I did last weekend. still enjoying the heck out of it. the...
  2. goatgurl

    Butchering heartbreak

    truth be told Gary if it didn't bother you then you might have more of a problem. I've raised rabbits for several years and it bothers me every single time but I just put on my big girl drawers and get it done. and I always thank them for feeding me and my family and thank God for the many...
  3. goatgurl

    Devonviolet Acres

    just catching up with all devonviolets goin' on's. girl is busy as a one armed paper hanger. @Mini Horses I work up elderberries too. for the "tonic" I just can the juice in pint jars and when I need it I add the honey, ginger, etc. and I also make jelly with them, probably my favorite is...
  4. goatgurl

    Back for BYH. :)

    just checking back in to see how things went. 4 didn't surprise me, so glad she did well. so sorry #4 didn't make it. just know you did everything you could.
  5. goatgurl

    The biggest project may start soon

    looks good, i'll be anxious to see pics of how that works. or if i'm full of it and she kills him on the tree.
  6. goatgurl

    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    well you did good because it looks clean, strong and professional. I've had black snakes back in my hen house again. cleaned out 3 broody hens nests in 2 days. I was so ticked off!!! and no, it won't be back.
  7. goatgurl

    A little horsey humor

    @secuono I had to look at that flying person picture closely to make sure that wasn't you, lol. you know that was a tough landing. when you no longer tuck and roll but just lay there and quiver you know its time to give up the crazys. ask me how I know...
  8. goatgurl

    One Fine Acre - Sept Update and Fall Shows

    three things. first, congratulations on an awesome show, home grown winners helps you know you're doing things right. :highfive: second, a second congrats for the sales, that always helps. :woot and third, I am so sorry for your loss of angel. we love our dogs beyond reason and the loss of...
  9. goatgurl

    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    so you are afraid of a little puffy chicken?? put on your big boy panties, poke that hand under there and take your hen pecking like a man. :gig I am always way to curious to wait for them to get off the nest so I gotta look. do I get pecked, you betcha but I look anyway. your sheeple...
  10. goatgurl

    Back for BYH. :)

    i'm chiming in late but I agree that a. she looks like an older doe who has lost her girlish figure, b. she is definitely carrying a load in there and c. she is thin but I have read everything you are doing for her and as you continue that her condition will improve greatly. sit with her on her...
  11. goatgurl

    Needing advice

    yup, what @Mini Horses said. her kids are getting to that age where they will pull down her body condition fast. did you worm her after she kidded? I usually worm mine 7 to 10 days after they kid as a routine thing and then worm again in another 10 days. the pudding poo kinda leads me to...
  12. goatgurl

    The biggest project may start soon

    try tying his arms together in front of him and then anchor them to the saddle horn so he can't fall backward so bad. maybe tie a thin rope or hay string around his neck and find a way to attach it to the back of the saddle so he stays in more of an upright position. I love the progress you...
  13. goatgurl

    Egg Thief - I got him this time!

    as always i'm late to the party but I have had a dealing or two with rat/black/egg loving snakes in the past. I used to catch them behind their head and drop them into a pillowcase, tie it closed and drive them about 5 miles away up into the national forest. I never knew they were such strong...
  14. goatgurl

    The Death of an Rooster.

    why @Devonviolet I have no idea what you're talking about. :tongue
  15. goatgurl

    The Death of an Rooster.

    beautiful bird but as my old mama used to say, pretty is as pretty does. and in that respect he wasn't pretty at all. even as a vegetarian didn't you want to take one little bite or roast chicken as revenge. might have tasted sweet.
  16. goatgurl

    CntryBoy777 - The Lazy A** Acres Adventures

    never had a loquat in my life but they must be good if youall are so crazy for them. i'm guessing its to cool in Arkansas, don't think summer would be a problem but winter might be. i'm starting to get worried about youall making that trip and feeling sorry for joyce. youall had better not...
  17. goatgurl

    Cowboy - It Doesn't Get Better Than This!

    hope bbgirls leg straightens itself up. i'm guessing it will. cowboy just makes me smile, he's grown into some kinda good dog.
  18. goatgurl

    Quick question about LGD breeds

    hi fred, pretty girl you've got there. first you have to realize that a great pyrenees is not and will never be anything like a lab. come, sit, stay are all suggestions to a livestock guardian dog not a command. she will never act like an 'ordinary' dog because she isn't. she will not play...