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  1. IstaItan

    Yearling drooling, belching, bloody nose

    Ok guys. My naughty dude (yearlibg angus bottle bull-yes the nuts are still there, yes I still plan to address that) decided that while we were building up the fencing on the new farm, he would go for a bit of a walkabout... We found him 2 farms down standing next to that neighbor's fence just...
  2. IstaItan

    Farm or freezer? (To breed or not to breed)

    Hi all! I have a silly newby question to ask... For background, I am known among friends and apparently also among my husband's work crew as the pied Piper of broken things. In September, 2017, we got a call from one of hubby's laborers that he had found a calf alone in a ditch. Days later, he...