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  1. Rachel H

    Goat and chicken love!

    Just joining BYH. Have been on BYC for awhile. My family has a couple acres, 18 chickens (6 years of birdies), now 6 Nigerian Dwarf goats (2 years with goats), dog, cat, California King snake (my son's), guinea pigs, tarantula, hermit crabs... And 3 human children too! My friends tease us about...
  2. Rachel H

    Goat and chicken mama

    Goat and chicken mama
  3. Rachel H

    Trouble with potential kid poisoning?

    I would love some communal input on a backyard herd dilemma. We have 6 Nigerian Dwarf goats in our 2 acre, mostly wooded lot. They are penned in a small (50 foot by 50 foot) "barnyard pen" at night. This is where their barn is. They have free access to the rest of the pasture fenced lot during...