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  1. SrStinkaLot

    Mason Jar Bee Super

    Hi, I've recently seen on the internet some Mason Jar Supers and I would like the opinion of someone that knows about bees before I try to make the Super and try it out on my bees, is it worth it? How would bees do in a habitat like that? Any comments or suggestions?
  2. SrStinkaLot

    Hi from Colombia!

    Hi my name is Sebastian and I live in Colombia, I lived and learned English in Australia. I am really excited to be a member of this page because my questions have a chance to be answered by people that know about what I am asking. I currently have Bees and I am planning in having a trio of Meat...
  3. SrStinkaLot

    New to Rabbits

    Hi, I live in Colombia and have been doing a lot of research before getting into Rabbits for meat, I have been mostly planning and haven't leaped yet into buying my Rabbits or properly starting my project. The only thing I am completely sure about is that I do not want to feed my Rabbits...