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  1. ScarletBegonias

    Experienced chicken owners, I need some advice

    I have only had my chickens for about a year. During the winter I keep them locked up in their coop, once the snow melts I let them roam free during the day and lock them up at night. About a month ago one of our hens stopped going in the coop. We saw her every once in a while getting a drink of...
  2. ScarletBegonias

    New to the group

    Hello, I’ve recently acquired 3 Nigerian dwarf goats, 1 doe, her doeling and the sire who is now a weather and 4 chickens. My husband grew up on a ranch breeding horses and raised pigs and a show Charolais bull. I however am very new to all of this having only had dogs my whole life. We’ve had...