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  1. Amarisus

    ISO Milking goats

    We have recently moved back to Texas and we finally have a piece of land of our own. I would love two does of a large milking breed. I would prefer Nubians or Lamanchas but will consider other breeds. I Have owned and milked goats before so I have experience. We are in Southeast Texas around...
  2. Amarisus

    First Time Kidding Thread

    So I thought I would go ahead and start my own kidding thread as my girls are getting pretty close now(I think/hope) :) I have two mini-manchas That were bred to a Nigerian Dwarf buck. We are friends with the lady who owns the buck so they stayed with him for about a month (you know, just to be...
  3. Amarisus

    Miniature lamanchas

    So I have two mini-lamanchas they are first generation 50/50 cross. They were bred to a Nigerian dwarf buck. I'm just curious if the offspring would be considered 2nd generation or 1st gen or what..? Sorry if it's a dumb question I'm just new to goats and the mini breeds and I'm not fully sure...
  4. Amarisus

    Looking for Mini-Lamancha stud service in Southern California

    I have two Mini-Lamancha does that I would like to breed by November or early December. They were recently tested for CAE and got a clean bill of health. They are up to date on their vaccinations and I have the paper work to show. I would like to know if there are any breeders nearby that have a...