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    Oh brother article in new york daily news bashing ARBA and meat rabbit

    & meat rabbit breeders. If you want to comment, best to sign in with facebook.
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    Dumb neighbors turned their rabbits loose!

    This is one of the reasons why I never recommend letting your rabbits run loose. Because I ended up dealing with neighbors last week, that made their mess my, and the cities problem. According to the other neighbors, these rabbits had been running free for about six weeks or so. Established a...
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    confirmed VHD outbreak

    This is one of the reasons why we caution against turning your rabbits loose. Not saying that the bunnies actually got it from a feral population, but they can become carriers of it. This is a pretty nasty disease that has been dormant in the US for a few years. There is no cure for it. the only...
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    rabbit show brag :)

    the north central indiana rabbit breeders show was today. they do what is called a best in rare breeds group. Where all the BOB rare breed rabbit winners in the show compete for best in group. My standard chinchilla sr buck won it today, and got to compete for best in show. :)
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    Show some pictures of your show rabbits. :)

    This is my current main standard chinchilla herd buck #03 (his ear number). He may go into retirment this year. two years old. Boy does he have a massive body and head! This is him in a show pose. For those that have never been to a rabbit show, they stack the rabbit up so its front feet...
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    My first neocropsy/rabbit update/GRAPHIC PICTURES

    OK now that some of you have been following the threads, and the problems I have been having with my rabbits. Those of you on meat rabbits will know what I am talking about. But since this is also being posted to the showbunny list, and some other groups, I thought I would give a bit of info. I...