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  1. SavannahLeigh

    Premature Kidding

    I think I have a premature kid coming. My doe has all the labor signs (clear discharge, VERY loose tail ligaments, head pressing, etc). She's only 1- 1 1/2 months along. I assume the kid(s) are goners, but will my doe be okay?
  2. SavannahLeigh


    Tried on BYC too... Hopefully I get a good answer here :P Hey guys... I have a whole passel of buns with what I believe to be snuffles (Pasteurellosis). They are all bouncy and happy still, and eat and drink like crazy (no more than normal, but). They have most of the symptoms, dirty paws, etc...
  3. SavannahLeigh

    What happened to my buck?

    This morning I woke up to feed the bunnies, and I noticed one of my recently castrated bucks was lying in the cage, still alive, but with a thick white discharge from his nose. He was gasping with his mouth wide open as well :\ He couldn't really lift his head either, and if he did, he would...
  4. SavannahLeigh

    High mortality rate

    Hay Y'all :D My New Zealand Doe (Dismal Forebodings is her name... Hope That didn't jinx her :gig) Gave birth to 16 kits a few days ago. About half of the litter is dead and another 3 look they're on their way out. This morning i found 3 dead in the bottom, rotten, even though I cleaned out and...
  5. SavannahLeigh

    CL? Milk neck? Bottle neck?

    I posted this same post on BYC, but I wanted to give it a go here as well... Hey y'all! I have a baby goat (about 4 weeks) with a lump in his neck. It's about quarter sized, and hard. Is the Milk neck? Bottle neck? CL? How would he have gotten it? He is one of quadruplets and has seemed to...
  6. SavannahLeigh

    Coughing goat

    Hi y'all! My heavily pregnant Nigerian Dwarf goat has been coughing lately... It seems to be only after she eats... Is there a concern?
  7. SavannahLeigh

    This is BAD.

    Once again, my rebellious teenager (rabbit lol) snuck out of the house, and BRED with my "wild" rabbit. Let it be known that we have 6 kids 6 and under, so... yeah... thats how the door was left open. WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO?!!!????? She's already had 2 litters in the span of 1 and 1/2...
  8. SavannahLeigh

    Culling baby rabbits

    'Ello there!! I was wondering if any of y'all had any tips on humanely killing "failure to thrive" young. My does have large litters, and often the babies die from being pushed to the bottom, or just not having what it takes. How would you kill them humanly? Only if they're suffering of course...
  9. SavannahLeigh

    Hello there!

    Hey there! I just wanted to introduce myself! Some people MAY know me from BYC, with the username Troyergal. I have 43 chickens, 13 ducks, 5 goats and 30ish (most are kits) rabbits. I'm not really used to the format on here yet, but I'm learnin'! Merry Christmas Y'all!!!! :frow
  10. SavannahLeigh


    My Nigerian Dwarf goat has been living with 1 male and 2 other female for a while now... We suspect that ALL the goats are pregnant, but I think she might be due soon, if not today. Her udder had swelled up a LOT, about the size of a very large grapefruit. Her vulva has gotten thinner looking...