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  1. secuono

    LGD Puppies due in August

    Purple collar-
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    LGD Puppies due in August

    A few more updated pics. Aruu- I'll have to check white white girl this is- The brothers-
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    Best, economical plan for mowing/weeds/etc

    Used, old riding mower. Or an old fashioned manual scythe. Good for grass and some mixed weeds. There's also push mowers, the manual ones, where it's human propelled. I have one of those, too. Those are best for clean lawns and cut regularly! Too tall or steamy weeds and it's screwed. For the...
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    I'd say, the problem isn't so much the loud noise as it is "gun fire, in a town, call the cops, someone was shot!!"
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    Neighbor drama with our pigs

    Hogs have a very similar stench as people have, the BO & the poop. You can potty train pigs, not all of them, not easily, but you can. You might have to bribe the neighbors to keep the peace. With chicken meat or eggs.
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    2022 Waiting on Lambs Journal

    Pricing update- All ewes, each, 600. All rams, each, 400. Rest has stayed the same. Waiting list for ewes, closed.
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    Buy a lot of garden hose and hook it up to a sink to water them. I do this in winter. You can buy a 300+ gallon trough, fill it and use that water to bucket out to the others. Sell off the geese, you can buy new ones later. Same with the chickens. Both are cheap to restart later on. Need to...
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    Rex doe went/is going crazy

    She's got a personality of a more wild type of rabbit. She's also maturing and they get more witchy as the go through that, like a teenager. Rabbits also don't like sudden drastic changes and being out in the open. That would explain some of her freak outs. If you don't want to deal with that...
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    Softening the bottle teet

    Make the hole slightly larger. Try different brands of teats. Tsc has a couple that are soft, red is firmer, but the clear is very soft.
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    What's the rule?

    I position myself in front of respectful sheep, so that they jump on each other instead of me. I also don't give that one anything until it's on the ground.
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    Bought a scythe!

    Oops....didn't notice the screws loosening last night. Fixed this morning and more weeds cut.
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    Planning rabbit colony, your opinions?

    I'd cover most of the sides. It needs good air flow, but protection from rain. Using bungee chords will help them last longer.
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    Planning rabbit colony, your opinions?

    I had 2×3in welded wire over a chicken run. And heavy duty tarp over top, wood to hold it up and drain. That has lasted 10+ years, new tarp every 2yrs, swept the snow off as it built up. Had rabbits on grass, they'll kill it all off and you'll be left with dirt/mud. Water will seep down into...
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    Planning rabbit colony, your opinions?

    They're going to be eaten. You need wire on the bottom, 1/2×1 inch wire on the walls and 1×1 inch wire on the roof. Or do solid roof. At least 1.5ft should be tiny hole wire or use solid wood. Higher can be larger, but foxes, weasles, rats can get in. No solid roof means soggy rabbits. Soggy...
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    goldfish in stock tank?

    Horses will eat the plants. If the water doesn't freeze, killing the goldfish, they'll be fine. But goldfish get big and will need a filter and food.
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    I bought a kit from Amazon. The weight distribution on it is off, though. A ready made might be best.
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    1 piggy, 2 piggy, 3 piggy...4??...6!

    Someone got a name! Other turned out to be a male and was sent away immediately. Talking with a few breeders, there's hope that he was too young and the three eldest sows are too old to catch.
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    Brush for sheep

    Metal comb works to get under and pull out the old wool.
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    Pony training

    Check your local FB horse groups to find recommended trainers. If she's fat n out of shape, best to get her slm and ready for the saddle training first, or they may charge you a month's work where all they do is get her thin. Have you had horses before, trained them or done basic ground work? If...