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  1. Hens and Roos

    Ready or Not....... Shouldvknwnbetter- Fall

    so we have been kicking around the idea of adding a couple of goats to our mix of critters we currently raise. Since winter came faster than we were hoping for, we decided to hold off, research more over winter and look at this idea come spring. Great plan right ;) Well that all changed this...
  2. Hens and Roos

    French Angora & Californian- Jack Frost

    We added French Angora rabbits this year- 1 buck-white and 1 doe-fawn. We have had them since they were 8 weeks old or so. They are now breeding age. My DD has been learning how to spin their fiber with a drop spindle and my DS(8) has been asking to learn. We have been thinking about breeding...