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    A place to discuss natural treatment of parasites

    Those are very helpful, I will take a look at those websites some more after work, thank you very much for this effort. I really appreciate it.
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    What do you do about flies?

    That actually works too... But I usually use water with some bleach... It gets rid of them, actually at least almost a week, I can always do it again. since I just get those from the kitchen.
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    Metal Detector & Pasture

    What can I say... You made a believer out of me. It's an old habit of mine, You just made we wanna do it again. I hope they are not as expensive as they were back then.
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    Rabbit manure compost

    We have a lot of pallets here, I've already created a lot of things from the abundance of it. That I another excellent Idea. We will create one soon.
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    Weak triplet

    poor thing, I hope you'll do everything in your knowledge to make her strive. It's very difficult to lose something you already learned to love. please take good care of her. :oops::oops::oops:
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    Hello everyone, this is Edeki Farms from Nigeria. A new member wanting to learn more about Herds farming.

    Hello and Welcome to the forums. please, share your knowledge as well with us, Everyone needs information from each other, If we do so, All of will be better farmers.. Again, Welcome!! :welcome
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    Measuring Equivalents

    I never realized how much i needed these measurements... Its just there hanging on the kitchen wall doing nothing.
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    Poll on lambing, kidding, calving, foaling, hatching, kindling.

    does that really work? Can we just use the normal things that we can use for such conditions.
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    Egg Thief - I got him this time!

    We captured the same kind of snake yesterday. my cousin noticed something crawling towards the coop.. He killed it instantly.
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    Recommended Reading: Livestock Guardians

    A friend have the same book, I dont remember whose the author.. Yeah Its very informative.. I will borrow it one day.
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    When to worm and other pre-move checklist items

    Thats the best move i guess. you can always check on the animal once in a while.. good luck...
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    Barber pole worm

    She was given meds. but i guess its my fault giving her the proper medication just too late of her condition its totally my fault
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    Hello I'm a new member from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Welcome to the forums. Well... we can always milk our goats... but we are not really sure if we can consume it. Do you drink goats milk?
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    Please give me some ideas on building a sheep deck chair?

    I think you don't need it anymore. Look at that happy sheep.. hahaha!! they are so cute just lying down there. having pedicure, and haircut. I think you just need it to be a little bit elevated...
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    New Neighbors.......

    We always chat with our neighbours, we usually share food, harvest, fish, and fruits, Its a practice here in the Philippines.
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    Metal Detector & Pasture

    That looks good. metal detecting is such a satisfying hobby. I wish my metal detector is still working, but unfortunately, Its already broken. :(:(:(:(
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    When to worm and other pre-move checklist items

    That is such a difficult question to answer. That depends on the goat I guess... I just had my goats dewormed just once, and they seem to be just fine.
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    baby goats

    If they actually live, That would be like a new species, Is that even possible?
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    Hello I'm a new member from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Welcome to the forums!! We take care of a lot of goats here in the Philippines, they are usually raised for consumption. Its a common tradition to serve them during a small town fiesta.
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    Sentry, Baymule’s Livestock Guard Dog

    Anyone here has a good heart to give me a pup? my dog died and I need a replacement... I here in the Philippines and I can't find a breed just like that here.. :(:(:(