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  1. Duckfarmerpa1

    Femoral Head Ostectomy and Hip Dysplasia in Sentry

    I used to watch Vet ?Ranch on YouTube all the time when I was...’disabled’. They had these exact cases a ton. They showed the dogs from start to finish. The ben of this surgery is that it takes away the pain...there is no rubbing immeadiately, and recovery is much shorter. I’m glad you made...
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    Hey y'all from TX with love.

    Oh my goodness, that sounds like so we would do! Our hobby farm exploded! I’m really glad to hear your having fun! I hope to see more pictures of those little woolly guys!! Do you have any other animals or is this just the kickoff? Welcome to’re gonna love it here, Eve is amazing...
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    Best mower for ROUGH terrain?

    It SOUNDS great, but a lot of young people don’t want to work much...they’d rather be on their cell phones. That’s why there are so many ‘help wanted’ signs everywhere in our area. But, @Xerocles , you totally have the right idea!!
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    C&D Farming..oh what a life!

    Well, we we’re selling them at first...we had tons of orders and couldn’t keep up!! Before Thanksgiving and Christmas it was crazy! Now, in the last three weeks, it slowed down. Not sure why? Perhaps people quit their New Years diets already? We are hoping things will pick back up, and...
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    Grants mini herd

    We had a small pond on our land when we bought our land. My hubby is a fun guy. He dug it out himself with our equipment Into an ‘S’ shape for our last name. It’s pretty cool. It’s also 8’ deep. Last year we had snapping turtles that attacked my goose. We had to trap them out. This spring...
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    We were in Walmart last week and one of the workers had those earphones in. She was hacking away on the phone about her BF. I didn’t think you were allowed to do that type of thing at work? Oh well. Anyways, Hi Jan. I hope you will have a good Sunday. Perhaps it is sunny there and you can...
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    JHP Homestead’s Journal

    I had to look at the pictures three times...they look like my bunnies! The only way I knew the difference is the little batch of white ones....:lol: congrats on the bunny baby kits!! :)
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    Adding two inches through larger tires?

    You can get a lift kit for $100 ...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Looks like me...especially the hat!!
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Lucky you!
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    Alice’s first kindle. I’m sooo proud!

    I got some new baby pictures today! Boy have they grown!! They have hair and are really cute! All are doing well.
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    C&D Farming..oh what a life!

    So, today was actually a slow day around here, which was kind of nice after the rush it’s been for the past few weeks. I got to enjoy my afternoon playing in the barn with my goat babies. We named the boys. The big one is Willy, the small one is Walter. Silly is a snuggler. He will sit on...
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    Adding two inches through larger tires?

    Well, maybe nothing to lose? we Are planning to put a lift kit on our golf cart this summer! We don’t have one of those razor things...we use three farm trucks and a golf cart. But, sometimes it would be nice if the cart was higher. So, we’re gonna lift it. :)
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    High Desert Cowboy- Life on the old California Trail

    We use heat tape for our 300 gallon water tank in the barn and in 5gallon buckets for water for most. The ducks ate through the heat tape twice and blew the breaker! Darned ducks!
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    Adding two inches through larger tires?

    My hubby Chris, who actu builds vehicles from the ground up, for fun, said, yeah, it’s possible, but when you lift things that that, it always takes a toll on other parts, that aren’t meant to be lifted. He said adding bagging tires and rims is doable, but it might not cut the way you think it...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    On One of our large kitchen drawers is totally dedicated to seeds....we are prepared! Many/ most are from our own crops, that we’ve saved the seeds from last years veggies
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    Coffee anyone ?

    Ohhh, that explains why you haven’t been around as much! Good to hear someone is able to keep you in line! :)
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    Coffee anyone ?

    I looked on their website to buy pumpkin seeds by the pound...but didn’t see that type of option. Do you know if they do that type of thing?
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    Bruce's Journal

    I know, my friend is just a ditz...:). She just thinks we have big bucks because we built a farm, etc...
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    I'm woolin' it!

    I’d go with PA!