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  1. big brown horse

    *SHEEP* pregnancy toxemia recovery

    Any stories you want to share about how you got your ewe through the recovery process? Since she showed signs of trouble, I have been using a combo of 'rambo's'* formula and my own for treatment until she aborted twin ram lambs. :( I had to help her with the process and it really took a lot out...
  2. big brown horse

    skinning the hog's feet, ears and tail...I know weird question

    I have a good friend that called dibs on my hog's legs, feet, ears and tail for some good old fashioned authentic ehtnic cooking. She is a fantastic chef with lots of worldly cooking experience. (Not sure what exactly her plans are, but she gets the snout too when it gets cut and wrapped.)...
  3. big brown horse

    first time wool washer: live and learn

    Meet Dolly my Border Cheviot. I learned how to quietly hand shear her with blades earlier in the summer. I finally got to washing her (BEAUTIFUL, OUTSTANDING) wool. I probably shouldn't have waited b/c the lanolin gets harder to wash out the longer you wait but ya live and learn. Washing...
  4. big brown horse

    Please help me decide if I should get this ewe...

    As some of you know I am planning on having my own small dairy sheep herd. I have a nice ram lamb that is 1/2 Icelandic and 1/2 E. Friesian, I also have a pure bred Katahdin ewe and a pure bred border cheviot ewe. My original plan was to sell their offspring and use the earnings to buy a nice...
  5. big brown horse

    Big Brag section for your LGD's and working dogs purebred or not :o)

    Here is mine. She is a St. Bernard mix, I'm thinking great pier b/c she has some killer dew claws in back. Her name is Kate and she came from the shelter. She was turned in b/c she got "too big". :rolleyes: I suspect she was beaten and neglected too, because she was skin and bones (why her...
  6. big brown horse


    Just wishing everyone here a happy holiday. Hope you are all having a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family. :) Best Wishes to you all! -Sally
  7. big brown horse

    Thanks Nifty!

  8. big brown horse

    I think...

    ...that Backyard Herds' logo needs a little pink pig under the word "yard". :D Just sayin'! :frow
  9. big brown horse

    Do you have a senior horse?

    I do. Share your senior horse stories. How old are they, what do you do differently for them, do they still work? How much do you love :love them? My senior horse is 26 years old. She was an ex quarter horse race horse and is built like a sh** brick house. They just don't make them like...
  10. big brown horse

    The Shepherd's Lament

    The Shepherd's Lament Now I lay me down to sleep Exhausted by those doggone sheep; My only wish is that I might Cause them not to lamb at night; I wouldn't mind the occasional ewe, But lately it's more than just a few: Back into bed, then up again, At two o'clock and four a.m. They...
  11. big brown horse

    Diannes what is that natural de wormer you gave your mini pony?

    I got the ingredients as 1 part raw vinegar to 1 part corn oil to 1/2 parts molassas? Is that right? Now, how much would you say a "part" would be for a horse not a pony? Your little guy looks awesome by the way!
  12. big brown horse

    Boy or girl? Is there an easy way to tell?

    I think one of my felmale rabbits may be a boy. She/it is a lionhead and just turning one.
  13. big brown horse

    This forum has been hoppin' lately!

    Anyone else notice? :bun I've learned a ton in the last week or so! Thanks everyone for sharing!! -Sally :frow
  14. big brown horse

    Lets put together a sheep first aid kit.

    What would you have in your first aid kit for sheep?
  15. big brown horse

    Do female rabbits EVER get along?!

    Just wondering can they share a habitat?
  16. big brown horse

    What time of year do you breed sheep?

    Just wondering what time of year sheep are normally bred? How long is the typical gestation period?
  17. big brown horse

    Katahdin sheep still not eating.

    She is an adult, healty katahdin sheep. About 5 years old. She came from a wonderful farm and was very well cared for. She was kinda chunky when I got her, but after a week and a half or so, she has lost quite a bit of weight. I never see her eat. She is on one acre of nice grass with one...
  18. big brown horse

    Milking sheep?

    Any sheep milkers out there? :fl I've been told it isn't easy to do by hand.
  19. big brown horse

    Thanks Nifty!

    Thanks Nifty for helping me finally login!! It worked!! Here I am after what seemed like months of "lurking" b/c I couldn't login!!! I look forward to chiming in now...ohh, I also have photos of my horses three and sheep two that I've been waiting to show off!!! :bun :ya :frow And I couldn't...