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  1. Chickengirl123

    Can my banded goat still breed?

    Thank you for all your responses! Sorry I wasn’t clear I meant that yes, both testicles fell off. Thank you guys for your input, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that
  2. Chickengirl123

    Can my banded goat still breed?

    Hi! I have a goat who was banded on October 13. He is eight weeks old and the banding fell off about a week ago. He lives with his mom and another doe and the other doe is in heat. He is trying, unsuccessfully due to height difference, to mate with her. I was wondering if there is any way that...
  3. Chickengirl123

    Should I be worried? *please help!*

    You posted this yesterday, has he still not pooped?
  4. Chickengirl123


    Do you have an update?
  5. Chickengirl123

    Is this a mucus plug?

    Just found this thread, what happened??
  6. Chickengirl123

    Goat With Diarrhea

    Is it possible to take him to the vet? Young goats are very susceptible to death
  7. Chickengirl123

    Is it normal for goats horns to move or snap ?

    In my Experience goat horns are not supposed to move. I would call the vet.