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  1. Firemedichagy

    Nice to meet everyone!!

    Hi , my name is Susan and my aspirations are to have a farm with plenty of goats .. Eventually, lol Right now I only have one, a Nigerian Dwarf named Vinny and he is a handful!! That's him in the pic :) I have learned so much for this sight and want to thank everyone for all the wonderful info...
  2. Firemedichagy

    Newbie question- not eating or drinking much - second day!!!

    i have a 4 year old Nigerian Dwarf wether. He has some really bad arthritis in his left knee that has him limping pretty bad. Under doc care for that. He has been off the Rimadyl for about 2 weeks to see if the supplements were helping at all....ugh, apparently not.. Anyways, Yesterday was his...