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  1. Vkp23

    Possible pregnant doe

    So I’m going tomorrow to pick up a ND doe who might be pregnant. The seller isn’t sure if she’s been bred or not. She has been housed with a buck but he did say that the whole reason he has to remove her is because the other goats of his are bullying her so the buck might not had bred her...
  2. Vkp23

    Where to buy?

    I’m looking for the best online (USA) place to buy goat milking supplies. Most places I’ve found have larger herd equipment. I’m looking for equipment for a small herd. I would like to find a very small basic pump with very basic cups (I think that’s what they are called) my idea is to be able...
  3. Vkp23


    So, I’m paranoid when it comes to things like worms and I understand goats are some wormy little buggers. Plus I hear they can go down hill very fast over worms. So my plan is to every 1st of the month giving them a selenium supplement and a worming treatment. Plus having a set schedule will...
  4. Vkp23

    When to offer….

    So ”Orange Man Baaa” is almost a week old. When do I begin offering him hay? I’ve read a week, two weeks all the way up to 8 weeks. 😕
  5. Vkp23

    Should I be worried? *please help!*

    So one of the lady’s I was getting a baby from messaged me on Friday and she had a buckling born. He’s super pretty so I told her I’d take him. I brought him home Saturday afternoon. We’ve gotten him eating really well from the bottle now. He’s taking about 3 ounces at a time, about every 3...
  6. Vkp23

    Ivermectin injections

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this. Sorry if it isn’t the right place. If I were to use the ivermectin injections, how often can I use it? I’d like do just have something I can do monthly like selenium just like as an upkeep so it doesn’t become something that gets on top of...
  7. Vkp23

    Storage options

    I’m thinking along the lines of storing feed in a large trash can but not sure how to keep bugs and rodents out. Any suggestions for how to keep the pests out or something else more appropriate To store feed in? Im not sure if 5 gallon buckets would be appropriate. I feel I would have to have...
  8. Vkp23

    New and could use lots of tips!

    Hello! my name is Virginia, been married to the hubby for 18 years. We have 6 children, three boys and three girls Ages range from 16yr old to 1 yr old. We will be getting a tiny herd of goats next week. I have some plans set up for housing and we have a decent piece of property With two modest...