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    Goat with Listeriosis

    I have a 3 year old whether who has Listeriosis. I went out for feeding yesterday and he was laying on his side in the field unable to stand with leg tremors and other neurological signs. He showed no signs before this. I immediately called the emergency vet and they came out and gave him...
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    Yeast infection in dogs

    Lcampbell1515 submitted a new resource: Yeast infection in dogs - Livestock guardian Read more about this resource...
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    Kid with yellow diarrhea

    We have a kid that was born yesterday. The birth went smoothly although the doe did take a bit longer than normal to pass the afterbirth. He was a single but that was expected because the doe had a single last year too. This morning we went out and noticed he had yellow runny diarrhea. I think...
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    Swollen teats

    We had a goat give birth during an ice storm. We were not there for the birth itself bc she gave very little notice but it was so cold her kid he could not nurse. She was a first time mom and was unsure about the whole process. We ended up having to bring him inside to bottle feed and warm him...
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    New-ish but trying to learn

    We have a mini-farm with goats, chickens, and guineas. If anyone wants to take goats or how to keep your guineas from running off and getting eaten please let me know! I love them all and I want them so to have the best life! We also have a couple of dogs if anyone wants to chat about those.
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    Newborn Kid listless and not sucking

    Our doe gave birth to twins at 3am. We were not there because she wasn't showing many signs before it happened. By the time we got there one kid had passed. We think it was stepped on by another goat or a dog. The other kid was fine but she wasn't paying too much attention to it. We dried it...