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  1. ButtonHerder

    Working with Moon again.

    My horse Moon cut her leg last June, I have a thread on here with pictures. I’ve only ridden her once since then (a week or so ago) and just done some lighter ground work and liberty. I’m going to start getting her back in shape, so I can hopefully ride her like I used to soon. I will start...
  2. ButtonHerder

    Horse rolling/laying down almost constantly

    Hi, my elderly mare, Moon is rolling almost constantly. When she isn’t, she’s just laying down, usually flat out. I did get her up just to see if she could, but she just tried to lay down again. I didn’t notice anything abnormal yesterday, and she ate her grain fine this morning. She has pooped...
  3. ButtonHerder

    Moons Progress

    Hey all :frow My horse, Moon, got her leg caught in the fence, and ripped it open yesterday and had to be taken to the vet. Here, I was thinking I could post pictures and updates every once in a while, so we could see her progress. I am now giving her antibiotics and a painkiller/swelling thing...
  4. ButtonHerder

    Calf doing terrible

    Newborn calf born maybe around ten this morning. It was raining so maybe he’s just too chilled we have him in house with heaters and blow dryer and rubbing him lots. We’re tubing him now as he won’t suck plz help I don’t know how much longer he has. Anything we can do to help him respond
  5. ButtonHerder

    Can 2 Male Rabbits Live Together If Spayed?

    Could I keep 2 males together if they're spayed? Or a male and female if spayed? Or 2 males and 1 female? Thanks!
  6. ButtonHerder

    Would Breeding Horses Be Profitable For Me?

    Hey all :frow so, I was wondering, would it be profitable (or would I lose money) to breed a horse? I would only be getting one mare I would just use someone else’s stud (for a fee) The mare I would get is registered, and the stud would be too. They’re both Morgans Then there’s the question...
  7. ButtonHerder

    Can You Nominate Someone For An Award On BYH?

    I've been on BYC for a while, and know that you can nominate people for being great members. (I do it a lot, it's fun) I was wondering if you can do that here? If so could someone please tell me how? Thanks!
  8. ButtonHerder

    Sunflower Seeds to Horses?

    Does anyone feed sunflower seeds to their horses? I just want to know if it's safe and if you do what the benefit is (if there is one) or if it's just for a treat. Thanks!
  9. ButtonHerder


    Hello everybody! I'm new here, but have been on BYC for a while. I have Cattle, horses, chickens, button quail a dog and a cat. I hope to learn lots here, so um that's it I think.