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  1. DutchBunny03

    The deal with GI stasis

    I recently joined a house rabbit forum to get more ideas for toys/treats and stuff, and GI stasis seems to be the most common thread topic ever. What is really the deal with stasis? Apparently the causes are lack of exercise and not enough hay, or an alfalfa based pellet. My rabbits live in...
  2. DutchBunny03

    Newspapers as bedding

    I have heard of people using newspapers as bedding/toys for their rabbits, but is it actually safe for them to ingest? If I give it to them they will eat it/chew it to pieces, so I want to be sure its completely safe first.
  3. DutchBunny03

    Rabbit bonding

    After one of my bonded pair of NZs died, I took to craigslist and found a sweet 2 year old NZ/cali mix. The bonding is going very well. That got me thinking...why not try to bond more of my bunnies? Due to hutch space (and living in the worst area ever to breed and sell bunnies) I will not be...
  4. DutchBunny03

    Dead rabbit

    Last November, one of my bunnies got mites. After a year of treatment, she finally died a couple days ago. I have never heard of mites holding out like that, especially without any other rabbits becoming infected. She even shared a hutch with another rabbit, who does not have a single mite on her.
  5. DutchBunny03

    Selling Rabbits

    I would love to get back into breeding and selling rabbits, but past times when in have had kits for sale it has been extremely difficult to find good buyers. I do not want to carelessly breed rabbits and then have no one to buy them. Any suggestions/advise on advertising and finding good buyers?
  6. DutchBunny03

    Ear mites...yay

    Recently, I discovered one of my does crawling with ear mites. Her ears were infested, along with her rear end. She first contracted them last November, and I treated her until they were "gone". Well, they weren't. I've been using olive oil to smother the mites in her ears and rear, and they are...
  7. DutchBunny03

    Dutch kits

    First litter of the year! Went pretty well, I'd say. My doe Corrie kindled 6(one stillborn), and they've been growing like weeds! I'm not extremely impressed with the markings(especially considering the markings of the sire), but one of the blacks and maybe one of the steels shows a little promise.
  8. DutchBunny03

    Rabbit Housing Poll

    Feel free to leave a comment about your rabbit housing, or suggest any housing arrangements I may have missed!
  9. DutchBunny03

    Foot sprain.

    Is a foot sprain in a rabbit fatal, or can lead to a fatal condition? Can one be treated without a vet?
  10. DutchBunny03


    Hey I raise and show steel Dutch rabbits, and since finding BYC and BYH i stopped having a life. Live in NY, bla bla bla, pretty much just doing this for trophy points :idunno.
  11. DutchBunny03

    Rabbit nose problem

    My junior Dutch buck has a discoloration on his nose. It is the same texture as the surrounding tissue, and has not gotton any bigger. What is it?