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    For your consideration Sinai Thunder AD Valiant *B FS88 ?VVE D001711922 Polled Both Valiant's dam and sire are Elite Does and milked over 1300 lbs. I currently have 5 daughters and his semen in the tank, so time for him to help another herd. Located in central North Carolina PM for more...
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    Crazy things you see on Face Book

    We have a local community group page on Face Book that people post the craziest things on. This one really cracked me up. "If anyone is missing a tabby type cat around the Wendell area he was in front of my glass sliding door trying to attack my dog. I'm assuming he hasn't ate in a few days...
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    What is a "puppy mill"

    So how do you define a puppy mill? And how do you define a responsible breeder ? Are you a responsible breeder and not a puppy mill because you say you are? Because you have a blog and website? I'm curious I have 5 acres and I currently have around 50 goats ( some are Champions) And 4 Great...
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    Goat Spot

    Hey Since we are sharing forums Check out
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    Hanging Weight

    If you had an 1100 lb Angus steer the hanging weight would be 62% from what I understand so about 682 lbs When it is deboned and packaged about how much meat would that translate to? I'm thinking 500 lbs maybe ?
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    Hurricane Matthew

    I know the National Media has lost interest in the hurricane But the rivers in eastern NC still haven't crested 22 people in NC have died and the sad thing is we are still losing 2 lives per day People are driving around road closed signs and drowning in their cars
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    Coming Home

    if they test clean 2 girls that should have never left here will be coming back home soon
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    Sheep Dairy

    I came across this story on a sheep dairy in Alabama. Thought you sheep folks might enjoy.
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    Dr Pol season 10 Episode 11

    You got to watch this Heavily bred cow with a DA Maurine said she assisted on one of these when she worked at NC State Dairy
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    California regulates bovine flatulence

    @babsbag does this apply to goats too?
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    Bayer-Monsanto Merger

    A little light reading
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    This Craigs List ad is too funny I just sent them a text. Told them she was a real nice doe.:love Only problem is you don't own her. :mad: So, then I told her the does name and who really did own her. I don't know what kind of scam she's running.
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    BYH Down - DB Problems

    What happened ? I don't think I remember the site ever being down that long.
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    I need to rant Saw a video on FB today of one of our goats we had sold with her 2 new kids Buffy is a Nigerian The kids had no ears So I asked is that Buffy? Yes we bred her to a blue eyed Nigerian buck imagine our surprise I said I guess that breeding didn't take She said no I guess we need a 6...
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    Professor Snape

    So sad about Alan Rickman passing away We have watched all of the Harry Potter movies multiple times and he was great. Particularly if you read the books you would know how spot on he had the character Right after David Bowie passing When I was in college we listened to Youmg American, Changes...
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    Carolina Panthers are 17-2

    Just saying :) As the Nature Boy says Wooooooo If your team isn't 12-0 too bad for you
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    Golden Gurnsey

    ADGA is going to recognize the Golden Gurnsey as a breed I think they may be our next addition
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    Viva la France

    Long live France I know we've had our differences recently, but we are praying for you and your people tonight. :thumbsup
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    Alaskan Bush People New Season Banner Ad

    Boy, those folks are a trip. Since our name is Brown, I tell my daughter Rachel they are her cousins. And she goes : :ep
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    Goat Semen Collection

    I was just looking at our last ADGA newsletter. The national convention was in October and each year they have a "spotlight" sale. Your goat has to be approved for the spotlight sale, usually the offspring of a recent champion at national show, or a high producer, etc. So anyway, a farm in NC...