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    Looking/Askin for?

    I'm on a fixed income, so I'm Looking/asking to find a Good Low-priced (free?) female Milking Goat, here around Eustace, TX. To breed with the Nubian Dwarf Billy, I currently have.
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    One Doe singling herself out?! New goats &Buck

    Hello Ridgetop, TYVM for the info, I'll be using this for when I finally do get more Goats around here at home. I only have a single Nubian Dwarf Billy, my Nubian Female died trying to give birth; He had been keeping her from eating and I hadn't noticed. Now when I do get a female here, he'll...
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    Ya’ll Think She’s Pregnant- Not Any More!

    Great looking kids :thumbsup:thumbsup, have any current pic's?
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    Latestarter's ramblings/musings/gripes and grumbles.

    Just said a Prayer for ya Just said a Prayer for ya, and I'm sure ya start feeling better soon. Have a Great New Year, Don't let things get ya down...
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    We are, hope the same with you Happy New Year !!

    We are, hope the same with you Happy New Year !!
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    Goat with teeth knocked out?

    It's great to read that the goat is doin well, and when I stopped laughing from the husband remark! I went and told my wife= she got a good laugh too, about the husband remark. She was happy to hear the goat is doing fine, hope y'all have a safe and Happy NeW yEAR !!
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    Saw the grossest thing in the world.... please tell me this is normal!

    :lol::lol:Well Y'all are making me think about using my power-washer on Lil-Billy more and more,{IF I did, it would be on low, of course...} I just have to get off the floor from laughing:lol::lol::lol:. He isn't able to reach the Female Alpine "YET"? He's a Dwarf Nigerian, only around 7-9...
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    Help electrical shock!!

    A quick fix, get some insulated wire, exposed only at hook-ups, do not allow wires to be smashed or exposed by door. Oh and all metal touching fencing and wires are going to have electricity in them... (Keep wire's/steel off concrete)
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    Is this Hen sitten properly?

    I really haven't noticed if she broody or not, she sitting on 3 egg's, so I'll find out around 10/7 if she is/was sitting. That'll be the 21 day's.
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    Is this Hen sitten properly?

    I am sorry for not mentioning him, yes I do have a rooster and he is fertilizing the eggs. I just found out this morning, it is ok behavior due to the heat we get in this part of East TX. I'm about 18 miles south of Canton, TX.
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    Is this Hen sitten properly?

    I have a Hen that only seems to sit on her eggs overnight? There are only 2 egg's now this is Thursday 9/20 is the 4th day of sitting. The other Hen was sitting, till she got frighten off her Egg by a Raccoon (the coon took my 3rd Hen; Yes, I'm Coon hunting!!!) Cannot afford a trap yet. My...
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    Hello Tah, "Maybe" that Goat has sensed the fear in you? and is using your fear against ya? I have a 2 horned goats, here in E. Texas. They will not try to horn me..
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    U S A: SHEEP INDUSTRY. Revive it or just let it slowly die?

    I'll be heading to the Animal Auctions soon as I can, to see if I can get a Lamb Sheep cheap, I have ordered lamb meat online before, and it was a costly meat, But I did enjoy it. I do have 2 goats, had 3, but one died(accident) during last freeze in this part of East TX. (So it's in freezer...
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    U S A: SHEEP INDUSTRY. Revive it or just let it slowly die?

    So True, I'm not that old (55 as 7/24/18), but it does seem like the younger(New Generation?) is LAZY ? They don't wanna sweat or risk getting Dirty it seems. I myself enjoyed working hard, because that made me felt like "I EARNED MY PAY" with My Brain and the sweat of my brow, not just my fingers.
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    U S A: SHEEP INDUSTRY. Revive it or just let it slowly die?

    I'm getting hungry :drool,Yes I'm a Meat eater. I wonder if it would be worth it to raise a couple on my little 2 acres?
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    Got my first goats and now a complaining neighbor

    As my wife says "Build a Bridge", so maybe that would be some good advice to your neighbor. I live in the country now and my Goats have calmed down on the crying at night, and they're only about 30' from my (closed)window... Oh by the way, I just got a Nigerian Dwarf, and he WAS crying a lot...
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    Rescued Horse

    I'm not a horse-man, but that horse is a Beauty. Congrats
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    Ram acting drunk

    Well when I first saw the purple stem, Poke-Weed came to mind, but then I saw them flowers. That lost me there, cause I usually don't let my poke-weed get that tall = it becomes Poke-salad :D:drool:drool
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    When to help? Update: Supplementing?

    Congrats an glad that they came out well ;)