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  1. frustratedearthmother

    Goat standing weird with abscesses on neck

    I'm wondering if he has internal abscesses....poor guy. He definitely needs some help...either to stay in this world or to exit out of it. :(
  2. frustratedearthmother

    Coffee anyone ?

    That's what you get for going to work, lol! Glad it all worked out well and congrats on the latest delivery!
  3. frustratedearthmother

    Hi everyone new here

    Welcome from Texas!
  4. frustratedearthmother

    I'm a beginner

    Hi and welcome!! Congrats on getting goats!
  5. frustratedearthmother

    Hello from louisiana

    Hello, from Texas!
  6. frustratedearthmother

    Fat kid!?

    It's not like she has to fit into a bikini, lol!
  7. frustratedearthmother

    Fat kid!?

    So, you're doing all of this because you think your goat is too fat? I think she looks fine.
  8. frustratedearthmother

    Fernie's Journal

    Cute, cute, cute!
  9. frustratedearthmother

    Is this really goat food?

    I am definitely not a feed expert so hopefully someone else will chime in. It's NOT specifically a goat feed of course, but goats can eat a wide variety of things. This particular feed has a calcium/phosphorous ratio that's not ideal. Calcium should be 2:1 (or as close as possible) for goats...
  10. frustratedearthmother

    Coronavirus Covid-19 Is it Affecting You and How?

    That's fantastic! And, yes, good timing!
  11. frustratedearthmother

    Oak Knoll Farms - My New Journey

    Hope your baby gets better! Nothing better than an awesome vet - sounds like she's a keeper!
  12. frustratedearthmother

    Kidding season at sweet horizon minis

    Congrats!! Sorry about losing one. :(
  13. frustratedearthmother

    Calf wants to play with me

    Now would be a good time to halter break her and teach her to stand tied. That would give you an opportunity to feed unmolested and would teach her something that will be useful for life.
  14. frustratedearthmother

    Coffee anyone ?

    Welcome back @r3bauer!
  15. frustratedearthmother

    Ridgetop - our place and how we muddle along

    At my sisters funeral :( my grand daughter asked why she was sleeping in that big
  16. frustratedearthmother

    Gardner’s California Homestead

    If you band one testicle and one is retained in the abdomen he should not be fertile. However, he could still act buck-y and annoy the he// out of your does, lol!
  17. frustratedearthmother

    Coffee anyone ?

    On lockdown but bringing in new employees?o_O Hmmmmmm...
  18. frustratedearthmother

    Teresa & Mike CHS - Our journal

    Ouch.... I know the feeling and I just did it yesterday. One of the wires that crosses a gate sags a bit. If I'm not careful to open it all the way it will stop swinging right under that wire and invariably my hand is still on the gate. I know it's there - I know it can happen - but it...