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    Deficiencies and Deworming

    Careful when giving copper and deworming at close intervals. It would have been best to follow through the deworming protocol and wait then give copper. As far as anemia you will need to give supportive care while deworming and to help them recover. Check with your veterinarian. Iron will be...
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    How to read dairy goat milk numbers.

    I have an article on my website titled "What's the right goat for me?" There are a few things I would change on my chart (just haven't had time to update) I am still working on updating show wins for the last several shows. Such as ease...
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    SBC/GW's Journal- Spring shows DONE! & Update

    We are doing ok. :) I will try and get on here later tonight and update. Short end is we have been super busy. Just in a different stage of life right now and with the herd. It has been very very tough year. Many times I have wanted to share but simply did not have the energy to do so.
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    How to read dairy goat milk numbers.

    @Amaggio I would see no reason for you to not get the does. It seems the breeder is providing y good information. As far as seeing the goats. Yes, you want to see the goats/herd however I can tell you that many of us are busy and have learned a thing or two over time in regards to people...
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    How to read dairy goat milk numbers.

    Looking at the overall numbers she has good butterfat and her numbers correspond by freshenings. Also notice that at age 5 and 8 she was on once a day. I'd like to share what milknumbers/records DO NOT tell you. :) How the goat milks- how are those orifices? How are the teat size? When the...
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    doeling not going in heat - somehow pregnant?

    I agree with Rosti, Send blood out to Bio-pryn it is less than $4. We are sending out 20 vials tomorrow. We know some are open but want to verify. :)
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    @farmerjan I agree but I will take it a step farther. What happened to people addressing the person? What happened to people communicating with others? I have seen this on here many times where someone is just so outraged at something. YET, do they go and find out if there is a problem? Can...
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    Donation Requests - Support Sumi's Health Recovery Fund

    Thank you @Nifty . I have talked with Sumi a few times over the years and she has always been like sunshine on the phone! I appreciate the option of paypal! :) Prayer works miracles, I will share with my circle of friends as well.
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    I disagree, there are far too many laws and it is getting ridiculous. You are going to have idiots, that will not change making more and more laws only harms those that do right. We now have more laws protecting animals than humans. Recently a law was passed.... trying to recollect the...
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    The few people that I have personally known that did pony rides/petting zoo services took excellent care of their ponies and all animals. They also had a weight limit. The pony rides were for children only AND if a child was acting ill toward the animal the child was removed immediately. Both...
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    rachels.haven's Journal

    The pedigrees looked very nice especially the Lil Orchard! However, and this is something all should keep in mind. Pedigree is only a factor. Always LOOK at the actual goat for sale! Always find out the management requirements as well. There are goats LA'ing at 80 that produce 90's and goats...
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    Grazing question

    Have the extension services come out and look at the land so you can see what may be a problem. If using herbals PLEASE learn to do your own fecals using the McMasters method. I have several articles on how to do the fecals under articles, there are 3 links. The biggest issue with herbals not...
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    CntryBoy777 - The Lazy A** Acres Adventures

    Looks like staph infection - causes can be from grass allergies. Some grasses are high allergen grasses. Many dogs will adjust in time but treatment is necessary- I see you got her treated. Bermuda grass is high allergen and when our shepherds first were exposed we ended up with Staph, within...
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    Shelter For Your LGDs??

    Barn. Our dogs live full time 24/7 with their livestock so they sleep with them, eat with them.
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    rachels.haven's Journal

    What @frustratedearthmother said. Not sure what size tip you are using but if the tip is larger and buds real small then you may go around the outside of the entire bud and it has no effect.
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    Major bloat and possible goiter?

    Call your vet immediately. If she aspirated on the mineral oil and that is death.
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    Dairy Breed

    This will help you see the data for your region. Keep in mind that a person's land may be quite different. The one thing that I think is really overlooked is the recommendation of your breeder! You can read all the books you want, get...
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    How Many LGDs

    We had 10. We currently have 6 working the fields. 1 in semi retirement. 1 fully retired to house, 2 passed away. Each field has always had 2 dogs. Right now, we have it a bit different. We had to switch things around. Blue has his fields but will jump over to another field with Chunk when he...
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    WRONG! Two pups at the same time alleviate many issues. However there still needs dedication in working a with both. They are not each other's babysitters. They also should be evaluated and matched /paired properly. I am not a great fan of siblings but if your breeder has knowledge then the dogs...
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    LGD's are dogs still, which are pack animals. They play together, works their skills, and work as a team. More issues come along with having only 1. The dog gets blamed, then it gets rehomed. Getting one dog opens you up for way more issues with behaviors undesirable. Dog goes off wondering...