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    dexter cattle mississippi

    Hello everyone. I am looking at the dexter breed. I have worked with cattle before but nothing registered. Was wondering if any one had any info on how well Dexter breed does at markets. Is this breed mainly a milk breed or can they be sold at stockyards and come out ok? Also does anyone know of...
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    Would love to buy neighbors additional acreage barn etc...

    Do you have to equipment to kinda build some small levees around the housing area or somewhere else
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    I can predict the future

    I know this is a lil off your topic but you said you lease bucks. How do you handle that as far as pay or pick of goat, any insurance from the person?
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    Ppm of copper

    What ppm of copper do y'all use in y'all's free choice minerals. The guy I bought my kikos from said look for 1500 ppm. I haven't been able to find anything close to that here.
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    Best way to remove wild cherry

    I have recently discovered some wild cherry trees in my fenced in area. Somebody was telling me the leaves are bad for the goats. They eat them when they fall off the trees are to high for them to eat off of. What is the best way to remove these if they are harmful. I have four or five that are...
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    Keeping Snakes Out of Chicken Coop

    What else do your guineas eat? By any chance do they horseflies as well.
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    anyone else having a fly proplem

    I haven't Had to many normal flies around my house not yet anyway. I'm having the worst time with horse flies though. My goats are being bugged to death by em. They are to the point they only getting up when they get hungry to go eat and that's for only 20 minutes at a time.
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    Feeding corn

    Yes I dump it out and scrub the bucket everyday just so I know it's clean. They seem to be coming around to me just a little I was able to call them up to within 5 ft of me with a cup of corn.
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    Feeding corn

    I started feeding them corn yesterday day. I have two does 4 months old so I put about 4 handfuls in there. Of course I for get to see them eat it as they aren't tamed yet. I'm now starting to worry if they are drinking water or not. I have two 5 gallon buckets in the pin with them and it don't...
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    Feeding corn

    Do any of y'all feed corn to ya goats. I was thinking of feeding my two just a half a coffee can a day. Is that a bad idea? Somebody was telling me the goats wouldn't be able to handle corn idk.
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    Two ladies just arrived!!!

    Here are the pictures of them. Wife wants to call em Marilyn Monroe and coco
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    Two ladies just arrived!!!

    Well went and got my first two PB kiko does today. We didn't really start off on the best terms I was the new mean guy that held em while they got their prison tats. Then I drive em 4 hours down the road. I know it's just nerves of the travel and new environment, but how long will this take to...
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    Progress on Fence & Shelter

    is that electric fencing yall went with,if so how has it held up? what is the spacing on it. might have to go all electric next time
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    Goat Names?

    If my first buck turns out to be good at his job I'll probably name him smoltz after john smoltz. He could always start a game and sure could finish one out.
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    Keeping Snakes Out of Chicken Coop

    I've always heard a snake want pass a line of lime. When my dad built his chicken pen I bought a bag of lime and threw around both sides of the fence. Haven't had a snake in there in three years.
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    Low spots under fence

    What do y'all do to fill the low spots under yalls fences? I have some that I've placed wire over. I'm sure that will work but I was trying to see what other methods there were. I've seen people stack cinder blocks but that will get expensive quick.
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    Wanted kiko

    Will yall be selling Registered PB kiko bucks or bucklings there
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    Wanted kiko

    We are located in north mississippi. We just put two deposits on two PB does from windy hill farms in Jackson Tennessee. We are gonna wait a few months and try to purchase a 100% or PB buckling or buck to breed to. Where are yall located at?
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    First two does

    Might be getting these two little girls in the coming weeks. PB kikos out of tn
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    Extent of Handling Facilities for Goats

    Do you possibly still have the location of the place in Tuscaloosa. I'm looking for places to find my kikos