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    Latestarter's ramblings/musings/gripes and grumbles.

    Enough folks. Thanks, but no visitors.
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    Latestarter's ramblings/musings/gripes and grumbles.

    :lol: They said 42° today & I didn't believe it. They've now lowered that expected high to 39°... Already 2:24pm so temp isn't going any higher today and is sitting at 33° Just trying to force myself to finish my first food of the day... 2 pieces of toast with butter and a fruit bar. Just not...
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    Latestarter's ramblings/musings/gripes and grumbles.

    Reading 23° right now... Thankful no real wind. Supposed to get to 42... we'll see.
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    Latestarter's ramblings/musings/gripes and grumbles.

    It's down another 10 degrees at 32. Wind has backed off some, but not a whole lot. wind chill is already low 20s. Not bothering Mel though. He has his arctic fur on and just lays down, closes his eyes and dreams... Well I know he knows where the shelter is, and can and will use it. Bully for...
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    Latestarter's ramblings/musings/gripes and grumbles.

    Thanks again all. I hear you and I'm doing what I can as I need. I'm not avoiding the oxy as much. took another last night. Prob gonna take another here shortly and lift the feet and ice the hands/wrists. Big weather change @6:45am... horizontal rain and rapid temp drop. Before that was ~73 and...
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    Latestarter's ramblings/musings/gripes and grumbles.

    And for update, I am still in pain, but it is being managed and I CAN function, just not like a healthy 30 year old... o_O I have a very high pain threshold. It takes a lot for me to cry uncle. But when I do, it's really a cry... I can walk, but slowly and gingerly. I can use my hands and...
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    Latestarter's ramblings/musings/gripes and grumbles.

    So I had thawed out one of those small circular, reusable, ~16 oz containers of chili several days ago. It's been sitting in the fridge as I have had zero desire to eat. Normally I'd scarf down the whole thing at a sitting. Just heated it up with some fresh diced onion and a little mixed...
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    Latestarter's ramblings/musings/gripes and grumbles.

    Come to think of it GB, how are you doing on your migration westward plans? I know it's something you're really looking forward to and you might as well get on it. You ain't gettin' any younger either.
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    Latestarter's ramblings/musings/gripes and grumbles.

    First, thanks all for the well wishes, ideas/suggestions, sympathy, empathy, and potential offers of manual labor help. None of what I'm dealing with presently existed when I bought this place. It has been building ever since. And it seems to be on a progressive path. This is the reason that I...
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    Latestarter's ramblings/musings/gripes and grumbles.

    OK... been sitting here for 2 hours. Took 1 oxycodone, 2 aleve, and 1 of the Arthritis pain killer NSAIDs I have just before I sat down. Still sore, but pain has backed off, and I'm about to check out of here. Gotta call my hay guy about tomorrow and hope he has something to offer me. Thanks...
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    Great Pyrenees rough with sheep

    Also, in my very limited experience, they aren't past their adolescent years till 24-36 months of age... They mature much slower than a pet, because they have to learn to do so much more than a pet.
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    CL In Goats

    You really need to have the animal tested to be sure before you can make any realistic plans. You can draw blood from each and have everything tested all at once; CL, CAE, Johnes and the predominant ones.
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    CntryBoy777 - The Lazy A** Acres Adventures

    Was mid 80s here today and humid. I was on the road over to the VA all day. Sitting here with the windows open beside me. says 70° outside right now and when I got home it was 75° inside. Too warm for me. But I'm thankful that tomorrow will be dry and sunny for the most part as I need to go get...
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    Jumping the Moon Dairy - the next chapter

    So sorry for those losses Babs... what a devastating way to start kidding season in earnest. Hope the rest all go like a breeze for you. :fl
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    Limping goat?

    Goats are notorious for twisting joints... I'd not get overly concerned if you've checked her & there's no obvious damage or "heat" in the area in question... Heat would indicate damage or an infection.
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    Copper bolus question

    It's going to take a month or more for any visible/appreciable change to be noticed. I have found that if I use a little peanut butter in the plunger then stick the bolus into that, when I place the bolus business end all the way to the back of the throat, they really have no choice but to...
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    mysunwolf - four acres and some sheep

    So glad to hear from you and thrilled that the baby is doing well and so are you! Lots on your plate, but you seem to be thriving! :)
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    Low Carb/Keto Recipe Thread

    Mike and others, I want to really thank you for starting and running with this thread. I have saved so many recipes that I want to try. And with my health changes and diet changes required/coming, this thread is become a go-to spot!
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    Farmerjan's journal - Weather

    I don't have a problem with eminent domain when it is done fairly and to the public's benefit, not an individual. I HAVE see it abused... badly. Glad your son has passed through that little fire. Hope the neighbor smartens up, cuts her losses and just moves on.
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    Coffee anyone ?

    I have a nephew who is borderline genius and also Autistic. He has done exceptionally well where that did NOT used to be the norm. There has been soooooooooo much progress! So happy your son is doing OK with it! :hugs Hope his ankle becomes a non issue.