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  1. TXFarmGirl

    Calling all LGD breeders!!

    We would love any advice you have about female LGDs. We have an 8 month old Great Pyrenee/Anatolian Shepherd cross, she guards our flock of chickens, and does so wonderfully so far. We are trying to decide if we should spay her? Not spay her? Breed her? What will make and keep her the Best LGD...
  2. TXFarmGirl

    LGD puppy - does she need a friend?

    Our LGD puppy is in or garden, which has a 6 ft chainlink fence around it, and nothing growing in it, and it has a nice size shed in it for Sheera(the lgd). The chickens pen runs all the way around the garden, and the have their barn too...we let Sheera out to mingle with the chickens while we...
  3. TXFarmGirl

    Are Goat studs profitable?

    Hey everyone! We weren’t sure which forum to post this in, so we just put it here. My daughter is wanting to get Nubian goats, but isn’t sure if they will be profitable. She really just loves goats(she used to rescue Nubians kids), but she is so busy, and is wanting to choose hobbies that are...
  4. TXFarmGirl

    Best internment for LGD puppy?

    We got a wonderful LGD puppy, she is about 4 months old now, and we have her in a huge chainlink pen(that used to be our garden) with the chickens surrounding her pen in their chainlink she is in a pen, and the chickens are in a surrounding pen. She does great, and we let her out with...
  5. TXFarmGirl

    Best way to keep calves safe?

    My kids (13 & 14) are looking to buy and raise a couple cows for meet, and to show in 4-H. We don’t have the land for it, but our neighbor does, and welcomed them to it. Its a pipe fence, with hay rings, a shelter, different pastures, a bid barn, etc. But the kids only problem is that they are...
  6. TXFarmGirl

    What animals protect chickens?

    We are having predator problems...hawks and foxes are getting our chickens. Barn and fencing isn't the problem. We are wandering what animal(s) we should get to protect them? LGD isn't an option. Thanks!
  7. TXFarmGirl

    Our chickens keep getting attacked, what should we get to protect them?

    Hello, Our chickens keep getting attacked, we haven't been able to trap/kill the unknown predators, and have been coming and getting more and more chickens recently. We only have about 7 acres with no fence, so people say we shouldn't get a LGD, we thought about maybe a GS pup? I grew up with...
  8. TXFarmGirl

    Would castrating our mini Donkey make him sweeter?

    We have a 7 month old male mini Donkey, we'd love to keep him, but he is getting meaner and meaner everyday. Would castrating help? We aren't in the best financial position, so we wouldn't want to get him castrated if it wouldn't help, because it would just be a waste of money. My kids are...
  9. TXFarmGirl

    Any show breed rabbit shows in East Texas?

    My daughter Would Really love to either show her chickens, or get into showing rabbits or goats, but she doesn't want them to have to be meat pen, she wants them to just be fancy breeds or what not. We don't want to have to drive to Louisiana or Dallas for a show though. Our local 4-H and FFA...
  10. TXFarmGirl

    Why are my mini Donkey and mule chewing on everything?

    Our 2 sweet little male minis are chewing on everything, and they're chewing the walls of their barn. Is there anything we can/should do about it/for them? We don't really appreciate them chewing on everything, but it's there house soo..? Do they need a chew toy or chew post or something? Mini...
  11. TXFarmGirl

    Contest for all Mini's!

    Rules: 1. Follow all BYH rules! 2. Be nice 3. NO cussing or censoring letters 4. No more then 3 pets...but post as many pictures of those 3 as you want! 5. Make an individual post for each pet 6. Have fun!!! Answer these questions in your post(s): Category (Mini Donkey/Mini Mule/Mini Horse)...
  12. TXFarmGirl

    What should we get our Baby Mini Donkey as a friend?

    We need some help/advice! First, Here is a little bit about us: We live in East Texas, I have 2 children, My daughter is almost 12, and my son just turned 13. We got a 7 day old male miniature donkey on July 31st. He is now around 15 weeks old and his name is "Donkee or donkey or Donquavius". My...
  13. TXFarmGirl

    Does anyone in East Texas know where we can get a Mini Donkey, Horse, or Mule?

    We live in Longview Texas, we have a 13 week old bottle fed, male mini donkey. He is very sweet and loves to run with my kids. When they are doing school,d at night, he gets lonely, so we would like to find him a friend! We have looked, and can't seem to find anyone within about 2-3 hours from...
  14. TXFarmGirl

    Can we get a baby Nubian to be our baby Mini Donkeys friend?

    First- Let me introduce "Donkee", he is our 13 week old Male Mini Donkey. He loves his bottle, getting brushed, eating weeds, and coming inside to break stuff. We originally were going to get him a female baby Mini donkey friend, but can't seem to find one for sale in East Texas. We were...
  15. TXFarmGirl

    We are new here, we have a baby Mini Donkey!

    Hello- We live in Texas, I have 2 children, My daughter is almost 12, and my son just turned 13. We got a 7 day old male miniature donkey on July 31st. He is now around 13 weeks old and his name is "Donkee". My children also have around 60 chickens, 10 ducks, 1 turkey, and the chickens "guard"...