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    Ram horns questions

    Hey ya'll! Be gentle with me. I don't know if it's my area, but I get chastised for not disbudding my sheep, though I don't have any sheep with horns, lol. I know and understand the risks involved, however we breed for butcher and choose not to disbud. Anyhow, I have katahdin/dorper...
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    Lambs born in harsh temps

    Hey all! Our worst fear confirmed today when our mama lamb birthed about 20 min ago. It's 0°f and the lamb is shivering under a heat lamp inside the barn. We are concerned for hypothermia. Any suggestions? We are about to bring her in and bottle feed. Also, has anybody heard of adding a...
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    Lump on llama face

    Our Llama, Tina, has what looks like an abcess on her face. Initially I thought it was cud, but it has remained there for 2 days now and I am concerned. Any ideas/suggestions?
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    Odd behaviors, pretty concerned

    Hey guys! I've got our first sunny day round the pnw met by a potentially sick herd My ewe has a raw looking patch of skin all around her mouth, she seems to be the only one, though the entire heard is panting with droopy ears. Eating and drinking, access to clean water. I'm stumped. Also...
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    Cold weather and kids

    Hello! My first time to the goat herd threads, but my husband made a very sporadic decision to come home with a bottle fed, week old buck. "Can we keep him? PLEASE?".... We have sheep. We are bottle feeding the kid and plan to make it a whether. We are up in the Pacific Northwest and the...
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    Lamb with diareah

    Oh no! I have a week old lamb with diareah. The mom is being a good mom, producing milk, no mastitis. I've seen the lamb nursing. It's been blustery and raining so I have kept them in the barn. I had planned to wait until the rain let up later in the week to release them to pasture. Any...
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    Swollen Ears

    Hey Yall! My ram (who is quite the piggy) had swollen ears. I noticed he was in the barn yard while the ewes wandered out to pasture. Not the norm! I went out to give him some love and noticed his ears are swollen and warm to the touch. Any ideas?
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    Degrees of separation?

    Hello all! On my first herd with katahdins. We have 3 ewes and a ram that are currently running together. Once the lambs are born and we begin to build our flock a bit, how do I continue the flock? Does the ram father continue to mate down the line, or do I bring in new ewes and separate the...
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    Katahdin ram

    Hello! Earlier this year I acquired a ram from my father who had originally planned to breed, but never bought any ewes. I have katahdin x ewes, so I took the ram off his hands. All my ewes, and rams I have seen shed their fiber come spring/summer. My ram has barely shed and is maintaining...