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  1. cteague


    Need some help on pricing my goats. Im thinking about selling. And i dont want to take them to the stock barn. I was offered quiet a bit for the colored one when he was a baby. Should have taken the offer lol. But i had planned to breed him when he got older. Now he is fighting with my older...
  2. cteague


    I got the news today from a friend that her goats had been attacked by 3 pitbulls. Numerous injured. 3 dead. Their faces chewed off. We all know what the pits are bred to do and how they attack and fight. How affective would a LGD be against such an animal? TIA
  3. cteague

    Lazuras and feeding time.

    My babies are now 6 months old. I have been feeding them Purina goat feed since the beginning. But now little Lazuras has stopped eating it. He will smell it then come running to me like where is mine? I tried a pan by himself and still wont eat. He will eat whole oats but im not sure thats...
  4. cteague

    Father's Day Picture's!

    Just wanted to share my pictures! This is my husband Daniel and his lil buddie Lazuras. He has them all spoiled! And so glad I finally got a picture with everyone looking. Lol
  5. cteague

    Copper Bolus

    I was going to get these copper boluses for my goats but afraid to use them. The are for goats 100-300. I dont know anyone that has goats that big here. I was going to order off of amazon but there are no directions on how many to give so i dont order to many. Will these be to much and will the...
  6. cteague

    Scary Evening....

    This evening I left to go to church. Then had to run into town for a few things and when I pulled into the drive my heart just about stopped. Two hound dogs had all my goats running around the barn. Running into the barn walls and just complete chaos! I floored it up the drive way and jumped out...
  7. cteague

    Help with feed question

    Any suggestions on what to feed when hair coat is rough and a doe needs to gain weight. They had their babys 4 months ago. Thought they would have picked up weight alot sooner. I have dewormed them with Ivomec for the most part. Then switched to cydectin. They have lots of grass but have been...
  8. cteague

    Goats & potbellied pigs

    I have a friend that is getting goats for the 1st time today. And she said she has potbellied pigs that have a big enclosure already and they are going to expand it bigger. Will the 2 get along enough to stay in the same pen? Any disease worries? TIA
  9. cteague

    Now what....

    Hello everyone. This as some of u know is my first breeding season. Been trying to do everything right. Keep my buck seperate from my does and babies. Trying to control breeding times for planning. Sigh. I let my girls and the babies out today to get some grazing time. I put my buck up like...
  10. cteague

    Horn banding

    Well guys and gals, the disbudding didnt work and here is the growth. What do u think about banding them? Are they to small? 2 are this size one is just a little smaller. Or should i just leave them alone since they had so much trama trying to disbud them? Next bunch we will just do ourselves...
  11. cteague

    Did it work??

    After all that trouble we had with disbudding and money spent...I dont think it worked. All of them look like this. What do u think. And should we try it again or is it to late. TIA
  12. cteague

    Everyone Finally Have Names!

    After a month of trying to find names for everyone we finally have them. 1st pic Ada(doe/black) with Chip(wether), 2nd Lazuras(wether/named cause we almost lost him twice), and Beau(buck pronounced like Bo/came up with it on our way to an archery tournament). Wish i could get a good picture of...
  13. cteague

    Feeding the nursing doe

    My does had their babies almost a month ago. And i have been having trouble getting them to eat. The babies have nursed them to almost a bag of bones. No fat whatsoever left on their bodies. I can feel their backbone. One seems to have good color in her eyes and takes supplements very well. The...
  14. cteague


    Well lets just start out here...:hit. I knew it wasnt going to be pleasant. But i didnt know they was gonna cry so much after. One of them is all we got done. The little girl was not long enough to fit in the box we ordered. He doesnt want me to catch him now. And he cries and he went and laid...
  15. cteague

    Pygmy Goats

    Do u guys and gals know of a breeder that have full blooded pygmys in East Tn? I have people ask me for them all the time. But i dont know any breeders. TIA
  16. cteague

    Does not eating well

    My 2 does are not eating well now that they have had their babies. They will munch on hay but reject the feed. Should i worry? Will they make enough milk on hay alone? One will eat just plain oats but i didnt know if that will be good or not. Should i try calf manna? Annabell also has gotten...
  17. cteague


    Went down to feed this morning and Molly didnt meet me at the gate. She is talking alot and she has went into the shed. Shes doing the same thing Anabell did. Very vocal. So i think i will have more babies today at some point!:celebrate. So fingers crossed and prayers they get here safe and shes...
  18. cteague

    Goat sale

    So i got back to work last night and the folks there just didnt understand why i stayed home for my 1st babies born. I was told "its just a goat".:tongue. I told them of the prices of some of the nubians we have been looking at ranging anywhere from $250-$500. They told me i was crazy. Does...
  19. cteague

    Barn Floor

    Im getting started on my Christmas present today. :weeeOf course its for my goats but im so excited. We are building them a bigger more sturdy barn. And i was just courious about the floor. Would sand be a good or bad idea. It needs to drain fast so that is what we were thinking. And would the...
  20. cteague


    Hello everyone. This is my doe that i have been watching since Dec 3. That should have been the due date. Im going nuts waiting on this baby:barnielol. I just wonder how much longer its gonna be??? Hope u all can tell by the pics. TIA