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  1. mygoldendoe

    NE,AL Selling Rabbits (mini rex & some mutts)

    Selling our Mini Rex (parents and grow outs) so that we can invest in Standard Rex. The person we bought from claimed they were from a pure line but hadn't kept up with papers..They have had their first 2 litters with us. and out of the combined total of 18 babies 5 came out showing no rex...
  2. mygoldendoe

    Sheep pasture layout & other questions

    Hi We have a pretty rectangular shaped 5 acres and 3 of it is going to be dedicated to the sheep (we still haven't nailed down a specific breed so we were making judgements based off larger breeds just incase) but most articles I find that suggest layouts seem overly complicated. Does anyone...
  3. mygoldendoe

    I think I'm impatient lol

    Well my sable had made a nest (about a week ago) outside of her nest box. And she due around 6th. Yesterday she rearranged all her hay and pulled fur into her nest box so we were thinking they would be few days early. Ahh at the waiting L0L
  4. mygoldendoe

    Are rabbits also included in the animal group that can get sick from us?

    I know you can give dogs and cats the flu and strep but can rabbits catch it also? Iv had the flu for 4 days now and have only had to change their water once bc my husband has stepped up and cared for them while I was sick. I was especially afraid the babies or moma would catch it from me.
  5. mygoldendoe

    Non-chemical tanning in Jackson county AL?

    I'm in Jackson co Al and Iv been wanting to observe someone tan rabbit in the non-chemical way (like brains or woodsman style with smoker..) Is it the brain tanning the same or different than when brain tanning deer? YouTube videos don't allow me to be up close in areas I want to see when...
  6. mygoldendoe

    Buck who sprays and digs?

    I gotta buck who sprays just bout every time I go out to check them. Which I can deal with except he sprays me several times while I'm out there. He also digs at the bottom of the cage..I know spraying is normal but is the spraying frequently before I even leave his area normal? Is digging...
  7. mygoldendoe

    Preferred detentions for NZ nestbox

    I know the detentions for nesting box is largely based on the individual rabbits. but I was wondering, on average what seems to be the nesting box demention for NZ? Just seems like the one offered at my supply store is made from thick wood leaving the interior space pretty small... I can make...
  8. mygoldendoe

    mygoldendoe - deer, rabbits, &more(?)

    I figured starting a journal would be kinda cool. But who knows, it may end up like my r.l. journals and just be three pages of rambling over the way a chair made me feel.. all well, let's get on with the introduction: I'm 29. From Jackson co Alabama. Me and my husband (G) have two little boys...
  9. mygoldendoe

    Hello from Alabama

    Hi all, I'm a mom/house wife from northeast region of Alabama. Two days ago we bought 4 rabbits from the small livestock section of local market stand. We needed to supplement for the deer we haven't been able to hunt/harvest so we thought this would be a good start before getting some Muscovy...