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  1. MrsKuhn

    ENDED - WINNER ANNOUNCED - Official BYH Caption Contest - Pic by samssimonsays

    way to go @Genipher that one made me snort coffee when I read it awhile ago :lol:
  2. MrsKuhn

    Q & A Game

    Fall Favorite candy bar?
  3. MrsKuhn

    Q & A Game

    Against. Favorite season
  4. MrsKuhn

    Q & A Game

    Hard to answer I love pancakes but love french toast...... pancakes if I had to pick just one. Watch TV or read a book?
  5. MrsKuhn

    State a fact about the person above you

    Has a miniature horse named Eli who is slowly getting better about his ears being touched :)
  6. MrsKuhn

    Q & A Game

    Chewing with your mouth open makes me want to gag and smack you. That is just one of the many lol French Toast, Pancakes or Waffles ?
  7. MrsKuhn

    Disbudding help (warning pic)

    hope that you got your problem solved :D =D
  8. MrsKuhn

    New from South Dakota

    I am loving those spots! :love
  9. MrsKuhn

    Heel Low ^~~^ ^~~^ ^~~^ Doggone It

    I second the journal I am loving reading your posts. Oh and welcome :frow
  10. MrsKuhn

    Hello hello

    Welcome!! :welcome:frow
  11. MrsKuhn

    Happy To Be Here!

    :welcome Hello Jersey, WELCOME!!! :frowWould love to see pictures ;) do you also have chickens? if so what breeds
  12. MrsKuhn


    Poor baby! I would be a little peeved also
  13. MrsKuhn

    Just got some skinny goats

    I have nothing to add as far as advice, but I do want to say I am sorry for your loss and I hope that Petunia makes it. :hugs:fl
  14. MrsKuhn

    Immutable Goat Facts