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  1. MrsKuhn

    Vacations & Deworming....?

    I feel like this is a dumb question, but I am still new in this goat world and want to make sure my kids are happy and healthy. So I just got my goat records from my breeder ( she's less than organized ) Goat Records DOB: 3/19/2016 Bose and Vitamin AD shots at day of birth 1st CDT shot...
  2. MrsKuhn

    I love you, can you please love me too?

    I bring home my babies this weekend ( insert happy dance) :weee:clap:weee:celebrate So, I need some tips, tricks and advice to get them to love me. The lady that I bought them from has them liking BOSS she said my little girl loves them but the little boy isn't really gaga over them. I have...
  3. MrsKuhn

    MrsKuhn - The Kuhn family adventure begins - KIDS ARE HOME

    Hi y'all,:frow I decided that I was going to start one of these here journal things so I can look back over the years and see how far I have come ( or not come lol ) So for those of you who don't know me because I am still really new ( like only joined a few days ago ) Welcome, Hello, Nice to...
  4. MrsKuhn

    Ammonium Chloride to prevent Urinary Calculi??

    Hello, Upon researching I read that to help prevent Urinary Calculi I can give them Ammonium Chloride. So I was looking up minerals and feed that have this ingredient in them. So my question is, can you give them too much? Example: If i give them free choice minerals that has it in it can I...
  5. MrsKuhn

    Don't judge me.. but I want more

    okay okay, so I have been researching more and more and I am stumped. When I first purchased goats I was going for looks, you know the cute factor. Now I am getting more interested in the Breeding to sell ( who am I kidding.. and keep :hide ) / possibly Milking. I currently have two Pygmy /...
  6. MrsKuhn

    Hello from California

    Hi y'all! New member here ( I know duh right? I am in the NEW member introductions :p ) My name is Spirit and I am a 26 year old Homemaker ( fancy word for stay at home mom ) We live on 2 acres and just got some baby chicks 2 weeks ago. I purchased some Pygmy /Nigerian Dwarf goats a few weeks...