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    Tattooing didn't work, need help

    So I tattooed my goats last night, I rolled on the ink, did the actual tattooing, then rolled on more ink. Today there are no marks at all. What did I do wrong? One of them was a tail web, so there wasn't any hair, and the one that had her ears tattooed, I shaved her ears, so her hair wasn't a...
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    What colors are my girls?

    This is my Minuet. How would you describe her color and markings officially? The black spots on her back are frosted on the edges. [/img] Here are two pictures of my Tazzie, she is darker than cream, but lighter than caramel. She has white patches. What would you call her coloring?
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    Need some help pricing a ewe

    I am considering selling a Dorper Ewe, and a Katahdin ram lamb. The ewe is pure Dorper, and will be a year old in June. She is sweet, healthy, and will make an excellent mama. The ram lamb is about a week and a half away from being weaned, and is also in good health , and is a good grazer...
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    Big Goatie Day

    Today I went and learned how to disbud, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I also picked up a doe in milk, and tried milking her this evening. She was a real sweetie, she stood pretty still on the ground (my milkstand isn't finished yet) and gave me and my husband kisses and ate her...
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    Can I feed lamb milk replacer to a bottle goat?

    So I bought a big bag of lamb milk replacer and ended up not needing most of it. Can I use it to feed a bottle goat? I've read that sheep milk is.. richer than goats' but maybe if I dilute it?
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    Can Stall Dry be composted?

    So I've read on here how people sprinkle Stall-dry or Sweet PDZ or Barn lime in their bedding to help absorb the ammonia, but can the bedding and manure be composted and put in the garden? Will it change the ph of my soil enough that I have to add something else to keep it balanced? And how...
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    'Chastity belt' for a ram?

    I'd like to let my ram lamb graze with my 2 ewes this summer, but I don't want them bred until late fall. He's a bottle baby, so he's inside at this point, and I know it will be a few months before he'll be mature enough to breed anyway, but at that point I'd like to not have to separate him...
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    How to breed just a few sheep?

    I have two ewe lambs that I would like to breed next fall. I don't have the space, or the desire for keeping a ram. From what I have heard, it often takes more than one 'try' for a ewe to actually 'take' so breeding out of hand isn't the best option. Neither, it seems is sending my girls to...