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  1. cluckmecoop7

    Cluckmecoop7's Animal Friends!

    Hello everyone, This is my new journal! I have used to be "Blamo'sBestBuddy" but I had some problems and now I am signed up with "cluckmecoop7" like I am on SS and BYC. :) This will be my thread where I will post regular updates and/or questions about my animal friends. I am starting out by...
  2. cluckmecoop7


    What do monkeys wear in the kitchen??? 😂
  3. cluckmecoop7

    Hello everyone! I'm "New"...

    Hello everyone, I used to be Blamo'sBestBuddy but then something happened.... and, long story short - Now I'm using my "cluckmecoop7" account. ;) On BYC my account name is cluckmecoop7 and on SS... so it's good that I can have it the same on here. Besides, I haven't really used my...
  4. cluckmecoop7

    Hi, I have a problem

    Hi, You might think I'm a new member, but I'm actually not. :confused: I'm @Blamo'sBestBuddy! You see, it goes like this: I was trying to make a account for the 'sister' sight: I put my email in wrong, and needed to change it. When I hit change, it went to this sight...