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  1. hitnspit

    Our breeding room

    What we used to have for our breeders.
  2. hitnspit

    Pig water system made life so easy back then

    Put this together for those really cold nights. Hope you like what you see then Subscribe and hit the bell. looking to do more videos like this as our farm grows. Till next time...Out
  3. hitnspit

    warm water for calves

    Ok so I have a few things here. I just got 2 awesome calves 5 days old today and doing wonderful. learned a lot from our last 2 last year. Main topic is water. this time around I have been told warm water free choice in about a week. So I went out and bought one of those $50 heated buckets. I...
  4. hitnspit

    need idea for fence

    ok I have this area that I would really like to put up chicken wire for my duck to free range within this area. My problem is this is not a place I can dig. Is there a way to fence it in or am I in need to find a new spot. Thank you
  5. hitnspit


    With no sign we have had both jersey calves die. Both 3.5 months old. Eating and drinking just fine one day and then nothing the next day. The older one went first and now the younger one. All happen so fast. Any clue from anyone what might of happened to them. They Have Been IN The barn. Each...
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    Ok people how the heck do I grab this darn thing in my barn. It has been killing my meat birds fast. All this time I thought it was a weasel or rats until the day I came face to face with this thing. I went to grab something to crack this thing over the head and as soon as I turned around it was...
  7. hitnspit

    New guy loooking to get stung

    Where would one go to get started in producing his own honey. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks
  8. hitnspit

    Beef Question

    Ok here is my beef question and im sure more will be asked. We have 2 jersey bulls we are going to beef. Now I have been told its a wonderful cow to start with and some pretty good beef also. Now is there really a market for jersey beef or is it pretty much Angus and down that line. Thanks
  9. hitnspit

    putting Jersey bulls to pasture

    ok a short story to get you all on the same page. I bought 2 jersey bulls calves in September for $25 each. I feel I could not pass up the deal. I will hold them in the barn until spring and then put out to pasture. As long as I get a fence up by then. Now my question is as I add new calves to...
  10. hitnspit

    raising calves for another farmer.

    So I was looking into raising calves for other farmers. I know of 2 that are looking for this service. Now my question is what would you charge per cow? Thanks
  11. hitnspit

    what would you offer for a standing fence?

    I have come across a fence with metal T post that the owner is looking to sell but you have to pull it up. The fence is 700 feet long and it looks like 6" squares. What would you all give for a offer for something like this. Thanks
  12. hitnspit

    Please help with training calves for fence

    Now I just bought 2 jersey calves. 1 is 4 weeks old and the other is 1 week old. Now I have them in pens in the barn right now. I would like to put them to pasture in the spring. How is the best way to train them to stay in the fence. is there anyway to do it in the barn before they go outside...
  13. hitnspit

    Help with my almost 2 week old calf

    So I picked up a calf last Sunday. He is a Jersey. Seems very happy and playful. Now my problem is he has not passed any poo. Is this normal? I don't remember this when I was younger on a farm. Seems like a long time without passing something. He is peeing normally and plenty of it. Any help...
  14. hitnspit

    Not pulling fur.

    Ok we have been raising rabbit for some time now and have gotten past the hole first time mother crap..... my rabbits have been having the litters without pulling any fur. 2 days latter after the pinkies have been removed the female will then pull. Very strange any help would be good. All...
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    ok we are new the the whole horse thing and we were given a saddle that has mouse pee on it. Wondering if anyone can tell us whats best to use to get this stuff off and get rid of the smell. Thank you
  16. hitnspit

    water heaters

    anyone know whats the best one to get. Do they really run up the Electric bill. The lowest one i can find is 1000 watts. seems like a lot to keep on 24/7. Anyone have any homemade plans that seems to work for them. thank you...... I have a 100 gallon tank for my two guys...
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    Ok i went to the barn this morning and found 3 of my 4 week old rabbits dead. the faces have been eaten off clean. nothing else touched just the faces. ANYONE seen this before or know what could be the issue. Any help please Thank you......
  18. hitnspit

    1 Nut wonder

    I ended up with a one nut male. Will he still be able to breed. I know other animals can but anyone have had this happen to them... help please....Jim
  19. hitnspit

    watering nipples

    Anyone use them and what brand. looking to change over to them. Went to a fair this weekend and thats what they had it looked pretty good. But looking for feedback......Thanks
  20. hitnspit

    Winter................ Pasture cows

    I have seen cattle be pastured all winter long. They are beef cattle and i have been told that it fine as long as you have plenty of water for them and feed also. My question is what about the snow and the cold. I have asked about cows with snow all over them and was told thats a good sign. That...