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  1. MtViking

    Runny/goopy eyes and not eating

    My 7month old buck didn’t eat last night and both his eyes are runny and goopy and appear to be itchy. He’s not his happy go lucky self. He didn’t even come up and see me this evening and he ALWAYS comes over for some good ole ear scratches. What I found on the internet seems like he might not...
  2. MtViking

    How to put in the little faces and emojis

    I thought I saw a thread on how to but the little emoji guys in the text. My phones emojis don’t show up. But I can’t find the info if there is any. So how do I put the emojis in?
  3. MtViking

    Already pregnant?

    So I’m thinking one of our females might have been pregnant when we got her. She’s a lot bigger than her sister and has been a bit moody. What can happen if she is pregnant and I try to breed her with my buck? I don’t know if she is or not but I don’t want to risk anything trying to breed her.
  4. MtViking

    MtViking- A little piece of paradise.

    I guess the best place to start is with a little info on me and the fam. I live outside of Helena, Montana, on 13 acres. It was a foreclosure that we stubbled across and took the chance. We offered the asking price and didn’t get it someone else beat us to it. Two weeks later we got a call that...
  5. MtViking

    Thoughts on hair sheep

    we are thinking of getting hair sheep eventually and I was originally think American black belly for a local breeder. But some comments on here I’m second guessing myself. What are your thoughts on a good hair sheep for meat. I’m a total rookie so I want something that’s not to hard for a...
  6. MtViking

    What’s a good beginner sheep?

    Im new to the group but have already learned a lot, for example maybe my plan to get American black belly sheep to start out, might not be the best way to go. There is a lot of info online that I’ve been sifting through and reading but I would like your opinions on pros and cons for different...
  7. MtViking

    Trying to breed the first time.

    I have a blue otter satin buck and two does one blue and one blue otter. I put the blue in with him today and she was kind of freaking out trying to get out and grunting/squeaking and didn’t want him near her. He was ready to get his job done. But she seemed really freaked out. I took her out...
  8. MtViking

    New Homestead in Montana

    Hello, thank you for letting me join the group. We are starting a small homestead/farm in Montana. We just moved into a house with 13acres and can’t wait to get it started. I have my meat rabbits started, with 3 pedigree Satins, 1 blue otter buck, 1 blue otter doe, and 1 blue doe. We’ve got a...