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    Lamb wool loss on eyes and ears

    I have a lamb that has lost wool on ears and around eyes. It has been fairly rapid (2-3 days). This lamb was recently treated 3 weeks ago for parasites due to anemia.Any ideas as to cause and treating? Thanks
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    worming question

    I have a lamb that died this week. The autopsy came back as barber pole worms. I am checking the eyes of my other lambs to see which ones I need to worm. The vet recommends injecting Dectomax. I read on other sites that wormers should be given orally as a drench to sheep. Any thoughts on...
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    wethering question

    4 weeks I banded my first ram lamb. I was checking the results yesterday and was surprised to find that he still has one testicle. I had tried to be very careful to make sure I had both in the band. Can he still breed? Should I butcher him when the time comes and band a different ram? He seems...
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    sick sheep

    Hi, this is my first year with sheep. I have 10 ewes, 1 ram and 13 new lambs. The ewes are Katadins. All are doing well except 1. This yearling ewe has had runny poop for about 4 weeks now. I assumed it was worms. I treated her at 1st with a drench of Ivermectin. 3 weeks later no improvement. I...
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    breeding question

    I am starting a dairy flock. I started with 10 katahdin ewes and 1 east friesen ram. They are lambing now. When I go to breed the lambs should I breed again to the ram or would it be better to keep one of the ram lambs to breed back to? Is there enough genetic difference between a ram and his...
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    Twin lambs, 2nd born dead

    Hello, this is my 1st year with sheep. I have 10 ewes that are about to lamb. My first one had a lamb Tuesday night. This lamb is doing fine. The ewe had what I thought was afterbirth that wouldn't pass the next day. She was up and about and taking care of her lamb. The next morning I checked on...