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  1. TaylorBug

    Rabbit manure compost

    I've done a little research and I know from experience that rabbit manure makes an excellent fertilizer- and can be spread fresh since it's not "hot". We spread it on our little 1/4 acre corn garden this summer and had EXCELLENT results with our crop. Since I raise rabbits and I'm expanding my...
  2. TaylorBug

    Dutch rabbit color genetics

    I am working on my Proficiency/SAE for FFA and I'm looking to get Dutch rabbits. I am particularly interested in the tortoise variety, but I'll probably start with another variety since I'm new to Dutch and fairly far away from many breeders. I was planning to get 2 bucks and 2 does so that I...
  3. TaylorBug

    Palomino getting scabs, what from?

    I own a bald-faced Palomino who is generally very healthy. But during the summer his nose gets scabs on it. This year it didn’t show up until late, like a week or two ago. Is this from sunburn or is there something wrong? And how do I fix it? I can post pictures if I need to
  4. TaylorBug

    Baby rabbits to a new mother

    I have a Californian doe that is just a year old, about a week ago was her birthday. She was bred to a young Calif. buck that I also own. Today was day 31 of her gestation and she definitely had a fur-lined nest this morning, although it was too dark and I was in a hurry to see if she had...
  5. TaylorBug

    New to BYH!

    New to Backyard Herds! Owner of 2 lazy horses, 3 spoiled barn cats, and 4 adorable show bunnies(Silver Marten and Calif.). Hopefully a soon-to-be bunny mom!