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    Tattooing didn't work, need help

    I did scrub the ink into the holes. I tried it again last night, and pinched much harder, I had to peel the skin of my Munchie's tail off the pliers, and today there is no mark at all. I'm wondering if the ink is to thick and greasy? I bought the roll on ink from Hoeggers. Has anyone had...
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    Tattooing didn't work, need help

    So I tattooed my goats last night, I rolled on the ink, did the actual tattooing, then rolled on more ink. Today there are no marks at all. What did I do wrong? One of them was a tail web, so there wasn't any hair, and the one that had her ears tattooed, I shaved her ears, so her hair wasn't a...
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    milking equipment

    I hand milk my girls, it's free, and I like having the contact with them. One of my girls is a 'thumb and forefinger' milker, but her teats and skin are very soft and dairy, so she's actually easier than the one with larger teats. I have read that the syringe barrel milkers don't work very...
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    What colors are my girls?

    She's a Nigerian Dwarf. Thanks everyone, the website was especially helpful.
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    What colors are my girls?

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    What colors are my girls?

    This is my Minuet. How would you describe her color and markings officially? The black spots on her back are frosted on the edges. [/img] Here are two pictures of my Tazzie, she is darker than cream, but lighter than caramel. She has white patches. What would you call her coloring?
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    My quest to find a dairy goat.. HELP! :)

    A couple other considerations, will you be keeping a buck or trying to rent/borrow someone else's? Will it be an Obi, or will you have to 'make do' with the breed available? If so, your kids will be mixed, and will sell for less, regardless of how much you spent on the doe. If you can buy or use...
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    We disbudded the 7 day old babies

    I hear ya! I had to disbud my 10 day old doeling yesterday, and I hated having to hurt her. But I took my other doeling to the vet to have it done, and I watched, and believe me, it was truely awful. No matter how much I hate doing it myself, it is so much better than what the vet did. I'm so...
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    Need some help pricing a ewe

    I am considering selling a Dorper Ewe, and a Katahdin ram lamb. The ewe is pure Dorper, and will be a year old in June. She is sweet, healthy, and will make an excellent mama. The ram lamb is about a week and a half away from being weaned, and is also in good health , and is a good grazer...
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    silly sheep - apparently 2 is not a flock but 2+me *is*

    Yes, until they figure out where the best grass is, then they want to be ahead to beat you to it. :D
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    Getting an exemption???

    I have read that there are some exemptions for 4-H animals, if your kids are interested in doing that. In that case you could try contacting your extension agent, they might be able to help you get in contact with the 4-H people in your area. Good luck, and keep us updated on how it goes.
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    Best homemade udder wash?

    I found the recipe for mine on the Fias Co Farm website, I use a scant 1/4t Clorox, one drop of dishsoap and a pint of warm water. I replace it every other day or so, but I am only milking one doe. If I were using it more I would probably make a fresh batch every milking.
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    So I finally talked DH into getting goats...

    Welcome to BYH! I have Nigis and a La Mancha, and I recommend them both. Both breeds are known for being friendly and easygoing. The nice thing about the ND's is they cycle through the year, so you can breed them to kid at opposite times and have a year round supply of milk. Plus, they are...
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    My Sheep Journal~ I'm a grandma! Black Betty had twins!!!

    Bee - do yours get all itchy and cranky during shedding? My Portia is panting and loves to be scratched around the 'edges.' I can gently pull wool out, and she usually likes it, but over all, she seems hot and miserable. Spring came too fast here. :(
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    Registration question/dilema

    Unfortunately I can sympathize, I have been taken advantage of by goat breeders, and have learned to be very wary before I plunk down any money. Good luck in your quest. Edited to add - just so I'm clear, you haven't sent the other half of the money, and the seller hasn't sent the papers? Why...
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    Banding or cutting? What is your preference and experience?

    I wonder if this would cause cancer in sheep? I know cryptorchidism is often a cause of testicular cancer in dogs. But then again, if it is a market wether, it probably wouldn't matter.
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    Need feeding advice for 3 month old lambs

    You could try fencing them in a small area of your pasture, where they can't get enough fresh grass to give themselves bloat, then provide slightly less of the creep feed. Last summer I had my lambs out on pasture from day 1, but in a 5'x12' pen, and I gave them 1/4 of the recommended amount...
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    LOUD goat.

    My first response to noisy sheep ( yes, I said sheep, but in this instance it's the same situation) is to put them out on pasture. With a friend of course, but I find when they have to find their food for themselves, it keeps them busy and quieter. I don't know about your goat's nutritional...
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    What do you guys think of this doe?

    I drove 3 hours home with my preggers doe, and she did just fine. You might e-mail and ask how she is being housed, if she is used to being outside, it won't be a problem for her to be out in a quarantine pen. If I were you, I wouldn't get her if I had no way to quarantine her, I am super...
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    Getting my first (bottle) lamb tomorrow

    As someone who has had indoor lambs since February, here is a little advise - don't use hay or straw as bedding if you can possibly avoid it. Towels are more absorbant and don't get little tiny bits everywhere. Yes, I do have to do laundry every day, but it seemed to work so much better for me...