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  1. CrazyAboutAnimals

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome to BYH! Wish the best to you and your animals!
  2. CrazyAboutAnimals

    Thistleblooms Rambles

    I was. It was crazy! :th
  3. CrazyAboutAnimals

    Riddle thread

    Heres one: What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?
  4. CrazyAboutAnimals


    I'm in the Treasure Valley.
  5. CrazyAboutAnimals

    Riddle thread

    Can i post one?
  6. CrazyAboutAnimals

    The Great Photography Thread!

    Those are so beautiful!!!!!!!!
  7. CrazyAboutAnimals

    Memes Are The Greatest Medicine

    To tell the truth........thats SO me!!!!!
  8. CrazyAboutAnimals


    I'm from Idaho too!!! So glad to meet ya'll!!! Anyone else from Idaho?
  9. CrazyAboutAnimals

    Historic Heritage Hair Sheep

    Welcome! That really cool about the goats! Wish you the best of luck!!!
  10. CrazyAboutAnimals

    Hello from louisiana

    Welcome from Idaho! What kinds of animals do you have? Or are you planning to get some? Have fun!!!
  11. CrazyAboutAnimals

    Howdy from NC

    Welcome! Glad your here with us! Congrats on the lambing! Good luck!
  12. CrazyAboutAnimals

    I'm a beginner

    Welcome! Good luck and have fun with goats!
  13. CrazyAboutAnimals

    Wild life pictures!

    Sorry i attached so many, i LOVE to take wildlife pics, i would have posted more.....but.......i found out there was a limit :(;). So if case you were wondering, here is what they are in right-to-left order: turtle (don't know what kind), Great Blue Heron, Northern Goshawk (juvenile), Northern...
  14. CrazyAboutAnimals

    New here!

    Thank you so much!!! I am looking forward to learning so many new things! I just have two rabbits right now, both Lionheads i believe, one is Albino, and the other is gray and white (see avatar.) I am not breeding them, though maybe one day i will. Thanks for the suggestions and the welcome.
  15. CrazyAboutAnimals

    Previously sweet buck turned into demon-bunny overnight ???

    When i first got my rabbit, (he was very young), he was nice but by a few months turned mean to all other rabbits, and was even attacking me! I was planning to get him neutered (though i hadn't done that yet) but after we got him neutered there was a huge improvement. Good luck with yours! :thumbsup
  16. CrazyAboutAnimals

    New here!

    Hello, and thanks for having me! I decided to join because i have rabbits among other animals (cats, chickens, fish), and would love to learn more about them. Also, though i don't have goats, sheep, cows, etc i would love to learn about them, (and who knows maybe someday get some!) Thanks...