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  1. black_cat

    Has anyone here ever boarded horses?

    **the 'p' key on my computer is broken, so I have to copy paste every 'p'. Sometimes I forget, so I apologize for any selling errors!** Has anybody here ever boarded horses, either being the one housing other peole's horses, or boarding your horses at another place? What was your experience? How...
  2. black_cat

    Best treats for sheep?

    I currently volunteer at a farm with three wonderful sheepies (Oreo is my profile pic) What should I bring them as treats?
  3. black_cat

    General Cow Questions

    Hey all! I have some (currently) hypothetical questions about cows. I asked them over on BYC but I realized this is a better spot. My main questions are: -how much space does a single cow need? -What breeds of cows should you get for milk? I know that jerseys are a thing that exist, same with...
  4. black_cat

    Hello! Here temporarily.

    Hey y'all! I don't have any herd animals, but I do have chickens and made this account because people on BYC said that BHC was down, and I seem to be the only one that can access it. I"d love to have sheep and goats in the future, but that's a long way off.