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  1. misfitmorgan

    Anyone use Farmbrite?

    Does anyone on here use Farmbrite? If so how do you like it, anything to find it lacking? Can anyone suggest any other management system similar that has RFID capabilities and is not thousands of dollars to start using? I really like how gallagher TSI works but at $7k for the RFID reader and TSI...
  2. misfitmorgan

    Triple Dewormer?

    Is anyone else doing triple dewormers? Our vet has us doing triple wormers on our sheep and goats once a year(lambing/kidding) unless they lose condition. She told us don't bother with FAMCHA as it is worthless. So when we pull lambs everyone gets all 3 classes of wormers and corid in the...
  3. misfitmorgan

    White Muscle Disease - Help!

    Hey guys, I had twins female goats born from a first timer. The size difference was huge on the kids, one was twice the size of the other. The smaller of the two is the problem child atm. She was ok and could walk for the first 2 days though she shook and was very weak, falling down a lot, her...
  4. misfitmorgan

    What fencer for sheep?

    Probly been asked/answered some place before. What fencer do you guys find works well for your sheep? We have wool sheep and the bigger ones keep standing on our current fence and ripping it off the t-posts. We are putting in entirely new pasture and fence which will have a hot hip wire and two...
  5. misfitmorgan

    Thoughts on Doberman's

    This conversation started in another thread so I am moving it over here with it associated posts.
  6. misfitmorgan


    So i've been looking into different mini cows. I was leaning towards dexters if I could find some a reasonable distance. Today I stumbled across a CL post for Yak's. Has anyone researched them or owned them? So far they seem to live for about 25yrs, are hardy and convert feed really well. Males...
  7. misfitmorgan

    Misfitmorgan's - Babies 2020

    And so it starts. Our first lamb was born to our FF ewe 308 on 01/13 between 8pm-midnight. 308 had a large single ram lamb who appears to be in good health, she is feeding him well and taking care of him well. 308 was a triplet so we will be hoping for multiples from her next season. (yes i...
  8. misfitmorgan

    How to post pictures on BYH

  9. misfitmorgan

    Disbud Area Wet?

    We used an iron to disbud our whether kids and the first one we did who had the largest horn buds i checked out last night and where we disbudded looks wet and possibly gooey...does that mean we need to do it again? DH felt his little nubs he has left over but his head is sore it seems and he...
  10. misfitmorgan

    New Livestock Med Laws!!

    Don't forget everyone the new Livestock med laws go into effect on 1/1/2017...this includes things such as Di-methox oral stock up if you use this a lot and dont want to have to get a script every time you need it.
  11. misfitmorgan

    Possible Prego Llama

    We are inheriting a pair of Llama's that are 5 and 6yrs old meaning the female could possible be there as way to check this? Anyone know if Biopryn would work to do the prego check?
  12. misfitmorgan

    Wow this section hasnt been used in years...

    No one own a Llama or Alpaca anymore? :confused:
  13. misfitmorgan

    Ultra Boss Pour on?

    Does anyone use Ultra Boss pour on for their goats/sheep? I have found a few people saying it cause hair loss where applied down the back, but that was from like 6yrs ago and i dunno if they changed it or not. I've been looking into dairy stuff and i have found a few goat dairies that use the...
  14. misfitmorgan

    Saanen milk??? Bitter?

    Anyone ever notice Saanen milk tasting almost bitter? Our doe's milk all has a bitter taste to it and i have no idea why i have never tasted any goat milk like it. Is it possibly something lacking in her diet....or are Saanen's just different for milk i know they have a low butterfat. Our...
  15. misfitmorgan

    Any idea what to do with Suffolk Fleece?

    I listed it for $20 on craigslist and could try ebay but we will have 6 Suffolk to shear next year and the number will continue to grow pretty rapidly so what do i do with it? Currently 2 adults 2017 6 adults 2018 (possibly) 14 adults...etc So what do you people with a lot of fleece sheep do...
  16. misfitmorgan

    Good Recipe for Fresh Chevre?

    Does anyone have a good recipe for fresh chevre? One of my co-workers asked for me to make some and i have never made it...just other kinds of cheese lol.
  17. misfitmorgan

    Excess Hay Supply

    Last year was a bumper year for hay crop here and there is a huge excess. This year looks like it will be the same, first cut has been ready to take for over a week now but people are scared to cut cause their barns are still full of last years hay. So that leads me to my next question which...
  18. misfitmorgan

    Corid safe for chickens/ducks/pigs?

    Anyone know if Corid is safe for chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, and goats? Here is the problem we only have the corid powder so i have to put it in the water trough...which is only 25 gallons but everyone has access to the trough at different times so is corid safe in the trough water for all...
  19. misfitmorgan

    Weeping willow alright for goats/sheep?

    So...the goat pasture has no forage in it per say. Lots of grass but only some autumn olive and other "weed" trees at all. So i was wanting to buy a few weeping willows and plant them in the pastures since they grow so fast and the goats could keep them trimmed. We also have a third...
  20. misfitmorgan

    Buying an Experimental doe?

    We are considering buying an Registered experimental Sannen Doe. But if she was bred to another registered Sannen buck....what would the kids be? 50% experimental 50 Sannen? Also she has some kids who are registered already but they have scrapie tags in their this a no no for...