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  1. Alaskan

    Gardening Thread 2021

    A place for us all to share our gardening stories and progress. Me... I can't find my little table top grow light... sent kids to search... No idea where I put it .. Bummed... Put a few basil seeds in a pot a month back... but house temps are too cold, so no sprouts... I am thinking of...
  2. Alaskan

    Alaskan's Journal

    I am in Alaska...yeah, like my name, but at the bottom of the Kenai Peninsula, close to Homer, the "banana belt" of Alaska (not to be confused with the rainforest of Alaska, which is warmer). Latitude 59! I get lots of strong wind gusts, and high humidity since I am on the coast. That toasty...
  3. Alaskan

    Hay prices

    PLEASE someone make me feel better about bleeding through the nose to pay for hay. For me, local, picked up from the field the day it is baled, Timothy standard square bale is about $7 Really nice fertilized, low to no weeds local Timothy is $9 per bale. Just found out that if I have to get...
  4. Alaskan

    Cold old person

    hi. I am here. I have goats. 1. Saanan, Feta Face 1. Mostly Nubian, Mocha 1. Half Saanan, half Nigerian Dwarf, Mozzi. Feta has two lttle weathers... for only two more weeks I hope.