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  1. frustratedearthmother

    My "Free Pig" (Essentially a rescue: obese, mange, injured leg)

    I did find this: How often can you give a pig aspirin? Buffered aspirin - 5 mg per pound of body weight twice a day. Must be buffered and given with food. Do not give if your pig is not eating and do not give for more than 3 days without seeing your vet. However - pain is the best signal for...
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    Baymule’s Journal

    I am so sorry that happened to you! Scams are everywhere! DH got an invoice in his email the other day and was annoyed because it was for more money than he expected it to be. In fact, he "thought he remembered" cancelling the service from that company. He got on the phone with them (using...
  3. frustratedearthmother

    HELP I'm wanting to know if my goat is pregnant. She has milk and has been having lots of discharge. Can anyone tell when she might be due?

    If she's truly close to kidding - and I'm talking within a few hours - you'd almost be able to touch your fingers together under her tailbone. Also, if she is very close to kidding the udder is 'usually' very full, tight and even shiny. However, if this possible kidding will be her first -...
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    I'm so sorry it didn't go well. I'm not a rabbit person but I've heard others say that it's not unusual for a doe to lose her first litter. I hope you have better luck the next time around.
  5. frustratedearthmother

    HELP I'm wanting to know if my goat is pregnant. She has milk and has been having lots of discharge. Can anyone tell when she might be due?

    I'm sorry - I can't tell anything by the pictures. Maybe this will help. I've been raising goats for a very long time and this works for me. There is a bit of a learning curve and the more you feel the better you get. Good luck with her...
  6. frustratedearthmother

    Goat kid with liquid yellow poop

    Better to start out underfeeding a bottle baby than overfeeding.
  7. frustratedearthmother

    Is it time?

    Oops - missed that in your first post, lol.
  8. frustratedearthmother

    Is it time?

    She's cute. She looks kinda pygmy-ish to me. :)
  9. frustratedearthmother

    Is it time?

    I've had several live to 12+ years and one that almost made it to 15 but those are exceptions rather than the rule. Eight is getting up there but not terrible...I've had does kid until 10 and do well with some TLC. However, in the case of your doe I wouldn't breed her again if her condition...
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    Is it time?

    Strange that she won't eat grain. Have you changed what you feed? Did the manufacturer change the formula? When did you run the fecal? Birth can cause a parasite bloom that may have happened after you did the fecal. I've never had anything but a very sick goat refuse grain so my guess is...
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    Coffee anyone ?

    I saw one live and in person on the way to El Paso about 10 years ago - just sauntering across I-10.
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    Sorry - I think there's been enough shooting lately. :(
  13. frustratedearthmother

    New from Louisiana

    I don't raise rabbits but wanted to give you a big ol' Texas welcome!
  14. frustratedearthmother

    Skin (?) peeling off lambs leg

    Almost looks like pressure sores - did she spent a lot of time laying on that area? Doesn't look bad though. Glad to hear she's straightened out in the spine now!
  15. frustratedearthmother

    Barber pole worms

    All of the above - but also make sure that your goats aren't copper deficient.
  16. frustratedearthmother

    Coffee anyone ?

    Oh wow! Glad you got her there in time!
  17. frustratedearthmother

    Oberhasli heat in May?

    It's possible that she's been in heat. Some does will have a discharge - others not so much.