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  1. Bridgemoof

    Weak four month old lamb

    I'm so glad he's doing better, he's such an adorable little thing, I wish he were MINE! :lau :love
  2. Bridgemoof

    Strauch Drum Carder

    Oh update! I've had my Strauch drum carder since last fall and I LOVE IT! I use it all the time and it will handle any kind of wool I have. :thumbsup
  3. Bridgemoof

    Sheep ID?

    Suffolk or Hampshire, to be honest I can't really tell the difference between the two breeds. They're both good meat sheep, though!
  4. Bridgemoof

    Bridgie's Lambing Thread-More Finns

    I guess I was so discouraged back in May I never replied. I've lost so many sheep! Pneumonia, worms, prolapses, bloat, you name it. We had a whole flock of sheep over at a friend down the road's farm and 6 sheep died while they were there! We didn't even know what was going on, and we still...
  5. Bridgemoof

    Pendergrass Ranch - Big changes!

    Congratulations! I'm so happy for the both of you. :D
  6. Bridgemoof

    ELeVan ~ Honaker Farm Journal

    Life is full of twists! We usually don't see them coming, either. I hope you can find decent homes for all your critters. I hope this change is for the better for you and your family. :hugs
  7. Bridgemoof

    Updating fencing for sheep?

    I am no expert but perhaps they had a solar charger hooked up there. Looks like the wire in the ground is the ground wire. If there is no electricity running to the shed or garage from the fence, I'll bet that's what they had. Hopefully somebody more knowledgeable will respond. The property...
  8. Bridgemoof

    Trying to find the best sheep breed/mix

    I just have to chime in here, because I am a "woolie" person and I needle felt and I have a wide variety of sheep! My recommendation would be Finn sheep. Nice open face, clean wool breed on the smaller side, their wool is great for spinning and really good for needle felting. I have some white...
  9. Bridgemoof

    Weak four month old lamb

    He's really adorable! He looks pretty plump from the side. Does he seem to be doing better? He's sooo cute!
  10. Bridgemoof

    Failure to Thrive in Lambs possible? Updated with picture!!!

    Sorry to hear about your little guy. If he has some kind of respiratory illness like pneumonia he will need a different antibiotic than penicillin. We have used Zantrac in the past with much success. Nuflor is another one that treats respiratory illnesses. Lungworm is another possibility when...
  11. Bridgemoof

    Jodief100--- random stuff and BIG news

    Happy belated 40th birthday Jodie!!!!! :frow :woot :bun
  12. Bridgemoof

    Bridgemoof--Sheep & Wool festival

    Oh hi guys! Thanks for thinking of me. :D I've been busy as usual, but even more so trying to get some woolie stuff done for the Art Studio Tour this weekend. My spinners and weavers guild is having a showing and sale as part of it. I made a felted hen and two cool Santas! I'm going to go over...
  13. Bridgemoof

    Ragdollcatlady's Just a Little Patch of Weeds Farm journal

    Raviolianna and a milk mustache! Ha! :lau Funny how those baby goats don't hesitate to take a drink off anybody's udder when they can! Sorry about your losses, too. I out my turkey poults outside for the first time today. Keeping my fingers crossed! They are in a small dog kennel, so I'd like...
  14. Bridgemoof

    Queen Mum's Dancing in the Rain

    Hi QueenMum! :frow Always good to hear things are going well in the romance department :clap The goats look great, good for you for selling some. And yay for lots of milk and cheese! :woot
  15. Bridgemoof


    Yay!!!! That's great! Now I can't wait to see pictures of those cuties. :D
  16. Bridgemoof

    Bridgemoof--Sheep & Wool festival

    Thanks Stitch! It's my Kromski Sonata. I like it because I can fold it up and take it with me to my spinner's guild meetings. :) I took 12 bags of wool to the mill yesterday. I'm going ot be getting back some PRETTY things in about 4 months. 3-ply multi colored yarn, roving, rug yarn and...
  17. Bridgemoof

    Bridgemoof--Sheep & Wool festival

    Oh yeah FourWinds, I haven't had to mow the lawn anywhere this year yet! I love mowing on my riding mower though. It's one of my favorite farm chores. But my sheep do such a good job, too! They've also eaten the bottom of the lilac trees, the rose bush, and pulled my geraniums out of the pots...