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    took our first bull calf to the processor the other day

    Getting our first Scottish Highland meat soon. Our guy was 28 mos. Hanging weight 366 lbs. Small by most standard breeds I know, but great for the 2 of us. Should still be a bit over 200 lbs of take home beef. He loaded on the trailer great and got off calmly. Can't get any easier then that...

    Set up a farm display at the Scottish Highland Games

    We set up a display last year at the Scottish Highland Games. A real Scottish Highland cow was a big hit. We let the kids go in and brush her. They were immediately asking us to come back again next year.

    Bred Heifer????

    I'm going to assume that the AI we did in September did not work. I never saw the bull breed my heifer, but her rear looks like this. Any thoughts????

    Trying AI this year

    Some of you may remember my first calf Rowen. She was born a bit premature and had a show start so we were bottle raising her. She's 2 and a half now, and we decided to try AI. My catch area. Discovered it needs a little improvement. the sire

    Registered Scottish Highland bull calf

    He will be 2 yrs old in December. Very friendly guy. We are located in Bowling Green Va. $2000 for him.

    False pregnancy????

    Ok. I'm taking a break from breeding this year. The boys got out in early fall and I had to lute all the does. This may have happened twice. :rolleyes: Fast forward to now. Holly is developing an udder. Its soft. She does not look pregnant. So I was thinking maybe precocious udder. I sent blood...

    Question for those that mild AND dam raise

    For a while now I have pulled kids at birth , bottle fed and milked. I did this for a few reasons. 1. Maximize does milk volume and extend lactation. 2.Kids are more friendly. 3. Make cheeses and other dairy products from the milk. 4.Easy to monitor udder and kids feeding habits. This year I...


    I had a buckling born today who had a wattle under an eye. Seemed strange I've never had one before. I snipped it off with sissors. Came off clean and no bleeding. Just passing it along if anyone has wattles and wants a cleaner look, it was no big deal. Do it on their birthday.

    April the Giraffe

    Anyone else watching the live web cam of April the Giraffe. Looks like she's having contractions.

    Highland calf with protein deficiency

    I was given a 3.5 month old Highland calf who was diagnosed with a protein deficiency. Her mother had mastitis. The baby was bottle fed as well as being left on the mom. She was increasing loosing weight. The owners noticed and asked me to take her because I can keep her alone and feed her. They...

    A few photos of our cattle

    McDougal our bull Rowen (red) and Moyra (dun) for a grooming session. The babies on their hay pile Moyra. She's 18 months old. I had her about a week and she got out and got in with the big guys. I had to give her a shot of lutylase the other day. That was FUN. Because I...

    Elisa is going to have her second calf very soon

    This was a photo from back in the summer. Her udder is filling.

    New kitchen (post calf in kitchen) and other improvements

    Some of you may remember the calf I brought in the kitchen early last spring. Well, we have had a few improvements since then, and I just thought I'd share. Up until then, most improvements were to barns and fencing, but last spring we updated the kitchen, and I love it. Before photo. Cabinets...

    Got a new calf

    Just picked up this girl Friday. She is about 18 mos old. I'm working on lead breaking her.

    I'm getting a second harvest!!!!

    I harvested 2 medium supers on July 4th. I had another that I put some incomplete frames in. Some had full capped honey on one side. A few had a little bit of brood and some were not completely drawn out. I put that super together with a queen excluder then left it for 8 weeks ( I ment to check...

    Conditioning calf for a show.

    Here's a few photos of my girl, less than a month between photos. I can already see a difference in coat.

    Photos of the herd today.

    Here's the girls Here's the doe kids from this year. All three have different sires and dams. I'm going to take next year off breeding and milking. Then figure if I want to continue. Dairy goats are a lot of work.

    Keystone International

    My show our calf in this show. Anyone else going.

    Some of the does, and a small tribute to Stella.

    Some of you may know that we lost Stella this year after a difficult kidding. She was a great doe. Excellent bloodlines and milk production. We were lucky enough to have her leave behind some lovely does for our future. Here's Stella. RIP Her daughters. The one on the end Holly...

    Harvesting tomorrow.

    Harvesting honey tomorrow. I have 2 medium supers full. I have 1 frame in each super with a tiny amount of brood on one side. My plan is to put those back on the hive with a queen excluder then harvest the frames after the brood has hatched. Looks like a good harvest this year. :fl :drool