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  1. purplequeenvt

    Hind Legs Weak

    You can re-dose, but you have to be careful because you can overdose them on selenium/E. It won’t hurt the other lambs to get some as well. I’d take a look at her back feet and see if they seem sore. It could be that she has foot scald (not the same as hoof rot). If her feet are damp and look...
  2. purplequeenvt

    Hind Legs Weak

    Meningeal won’t show up that fast in a 6 week old animal. Keep in mind though, it’s not the deer that are the problem, it’s the snails that are the host. I would consider an injury as the cause instead of WMD or other deficiencies (although I wouldn’t rule them out). Has she gotten her CD&T...
  3. purplequeenvt

    To Keep or Not to Keep- Poor Do-er Ewe Lamb (Possible Previous Coccidiosis)

    Is she just smaller than the others or is she also skinny/sickly? If she’s fat and happy, I wouldn’t worry about her size quite as much. Good poops or runny? If she is bred, she may have slowed/stopped growing because she’s putting more energy into growing lambs. Bottle lambs are often smaller...
  4. purplequeenvt

    Inbreeding sheep

    If it works, it’s called line-breeding, if it doesn’t it’s called in-breeding. You do what you have to do. It’s not ideal to breed father to daughter, mother to son, cousins or what have you too many times in succession, but it’s perfectly acceptable to do it occasionally.
  5. purplequeenvt

    aggressive male

    There’s is something called “Berserk Male Syndrome” in llamas. No one is exactly sure what causes it, but some think it is due to over or improper handling as a young animal. It may be only a case of an overly pushy animal that has absolutely no respect for you, but the fact that he’s trying...
  6. purplequeenvt

    Sub Clinical mastitis???

    She could have edema or swelling in her udder that may take a few days to subside. Keep her lamb fed and keep trying her udder. Other options could be that her milk hasn’t fully come in yet or that she’s not letting her milk down when you try to milk her. Sheep can be tricky to milk. Some...
  7. purplequeenvt

    Wanna-Be Farmer in KY!

    “Hi!” from Rineyville, KY. I raise registered Border Leicester and Shetland sheep.
  8. purplequeenvt

    Barbados x Shetland or Finnsheep x Shetland

    Crossing a wool breed with a hair breed isn’t the best idea. You’ll get a non-shedding animal with crap wool. Shetland/Finn would make a nice cross as they are very similar. Technically you *can* breed to a bigger ram. I had a Shetland ewe years ago get bred by a Romney ram and a friend had...
  9. purplequeenvt

    New to the Ky herd !

    I raise registered Border Leicester and Shetland sheep, but I also have a handful of crossbred ewes for extra meat lambs. No poultry yet, but I’ve got 4 barn cats, 4 dogs (Border Collie, BC/English Shepherd, Jack Russell, and a Corgi), and 2 guinea pigs. Technically I also have a 10yo Jersey...
  10. purplequeenvt

    Very skinny lamb p

    Ok, now that I’m a little more awake, I’ll try to offer more thorough advice. I’m going to assume that this lamb is actually 7 weeks old like you were told. Did the neighbor have other sheep? It sounds like she hasn’t been around anyone to teach her how to eat properly. Do you know her breed...
  11. purplequeenvt

    Very skinny lamb p

    Treat her for coccidia. She’s at a prime age for it.
  12. purplequeenvt

    EMERGENCY: Bloated/Lame Lamb?

    Well that’s good because UC would be pretty serious and you’d probably need to get the vet involved.
  13. purplequeenvt

    EMERGENCY: Bloated/Lame Lamb?

    Is he peeing? What’s his diet? Lots of grain? Has he gotten 2 CD&T shots? I’d been concerned about urinary calculi/urinary blockage.
  14. purplequeenvt

    New sheep not eating much

    What breed are they? Some breeds are more high strung and more easily stressed than others.
  15. purplequeenvt

    New sheep not eating much

    Did they get grain at their previous home? If not, they may not know what to do with it. They are going through a lot of stresses right now. I’d take away the grain and just give them all the hay they want.
  16. purplequeenvt

    B. C. P. Journal

    I actually like to determine the lambs’ colors/patterns at birth vs a few weeks or months old. In my opinion, what is important is the genetic color/pattern instead of the visual one. Birth is sometimes the only time that you can actually see what you’ve got. White, Gray, Solid, Katmoget, and...
  17. purplequeenvt

    Purplequeenvt - New Journal

    I let everyone out on the grass for a few minutes today. Hirta The new twins, Gunna and Vane Harris Oban Fiona Miss T named Patti’s lamb “Elsa.” Yes, she has watched Frozen 7 million times. But Elsa is a much better name than “Wheel” which was her 1st idea. I somehow managed...
  18. purplequeenvt

    Purplequeenvt - New Journal

    Not necessarily. If you are selling to a big commercial wool pool, then white wool is what you want. They also prefer fine/medium wool like merino, Rambouillet, Columbia, etc vs the long wool breeds. Hand spinners/crafters like both white and natural colored. My preference is a silver, gray, or...
  19. purplequeenvt

    Purplequeenvt - New Journal

    Last babies born this morning! Boy/girl twins from Nith. Total lamb count: 19 Rams: 8 Ewes: 11 Shetlands: 3 (2 ewes/1 ram) Border Leicesters: 6 (4 ewes/2 rams, 2 black girls, 2 white girls, 2 black boys) Crossbreds: 10 (5 ewes/5 rams)
  20. purplequeenvt

    Baaing lamb

    Newborns lambs can be fussy as they are learning to keep up with mom. Keep an eye on him, but I’d stop trying to feed him off a bottle as that may end up confusing him. If he’s not keeping up with mom well, put them up in a smaller pen together for a couple days.