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  1. Lereg

    Electric fencing for goats and pigs?

    Hey all. Getting close to getting a place and curious as to just setting up a 5 strand electric fence for goats, and 3 strands for the pigs. Will that work? I think we may have finally found a place that works for us. Although 7 acres, I'm getting too old to deal with much more, lol. What I...
  2. Lereg

    Animals to acreage question

    As some of you know, I'm a newbie that wants to buy a farm, so the question is, what would be the recommended acreage for the animals that I want to acquire? As I know from the posts here that it would depend on different scenarios, I would just like an amount of acreage to be comfortable with...
  3. Lereg

    Tractors and must have attachments

    Beings that I'm going to be just starting out on this journey, I'd like to know what size tractor you have and the most important attachments you have for your farm. I know that most of you, if not all, have gardens as well, so please include your gardening equipment too. I've read from a few...
  4. Lereg

    Selling hardwood= fencing cost?

    Hey all! My DW and I are looking for a place to start being self sufficient on, probably in either Tn or Ky. I know the prices are probably different throughout the country, but one place we may be looking at is mostly a forest. My question is has anybody sold their trees for hardwood to may a...
  5. Lereg

    Ready to be self sufficient!!

    Hey all! I've been watching this forum for a while, and learning tons of info, so thank you! When I was 6 yrs old, a long time ago, my aunt and uncle had a farm and I was intrigued from that time on. Now, many years later, I may be in a position to be able to have one of my own soon!! For some...