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  1. Fishychix

    Is he a mix?

    I recently started to notice that my American Blue buck has reddish brown patches on his sides. The fur also has a different feel to it. This is new for him and I have had him for over a year. I noticed it a couple of months ago and thought it may go away with shedding, but it hasnt. He also...
  2. Fishychix

    Wanted: American Blue Buck (Rabbit)

    I’m looking to add a purebred pedigreed American Blue buck to my herd. Please either reply to this post or PM me.
  3. Fishychix

    Build up in genital area

    I was doing a well check on my buck (American Blue, 1yr 4mos old) and he has a large amount of build up next to his penis. Nothing by his testicles and the penis and testicles all look good, no signs of inflammation. Picture of build up included. I cleane dit up with baby wipes and then put...
  4. Fishychix

    What is it?

    My American Blue buck had a loose tuft of fur on his cheek so I pulled it off. This (pictures) is what I got. The one picture is just where I pulled it apart. He seems to have several on his cheeks upon closer inspection. He also has a funky toenail on the front. No pic for that, but it just...
  5. Fishychix

    Did she just miscarry?

    So I was sitting here next to my rabbit eating breakfast and I look over and saw this weird pink bean in her poo pile. She had just peed apparently and was still sitting in it trying to clean herself. I scooched her out so I could clean it up. Did she just miscarry?
  6. Fishychix

    Change cow picture in main forum to specific animal in said forum

    I love that cute cow on the main forums page that is by each forum , but why doesn't each section have the corresponding animal as its icon? I think it would be a great update if we could do that.
  7. Fishychix

    Terramycin for weepy eye

    Finally! I managed to get some oxytetracycline (terramycin) for my rabbit whose been having discharge from his eye. Of course this is after I finally managed to get him a vet appt for next week. My question is how much and how often to put it on each eye?
  8. Fishychix

    Fishy’s Rabbitry 😊

    I thought I would start a thread for all things to do with my buns. I have started a small number of threads with concerns or questions and then started straying off topic and sharing the cuteness that is my new babies. Maybe this will help keep me on topic 🤣🤣
  9. Fishychix

    Selling rabbits

    Looking for opinions on these two different sales ads I will post, please: 1) One male and one female San Juan rabbits for sale. This is a small breed. $35 each or $50 for both. They are a bonded pair, but have not produced a litter. 2) Large breed American Blue rabbit kits for sale. This is...
  10. Fishychix

    Angora wool?

    Someone over on BYC is looking for info on angora wool. If you fit the bill, could you please pop over and assist? Heres the link for their post: Thank you! 🥰
  11. Fishychix

    Yellow gunk on inside of ear

    My very pregnant doe has yellow gunk on the inside of her ears. It does not seem to go into the interior, it’s just on the outer ear part. Sorry, Im not sure what you'd call that part. She is not showing any symptoms for mites or an infection. It looks like cradle cap on a newborn human baby's...
  12. Fishychix

    Aggressive doe?

    My doe had kits on the wire and they did not survive. This has been about three weeks ago. We did not rebreed her yet. However, she never minded being touched and petted but ever since she lost the kits she has been very grouchy. She will let me sort of touch her, but not let me really pet her...
  13. Fishychix

    Hello from OH

    Hi! I’ve been a member on BYC since May and thought I would also check out this site and the Self Sufficient one. It wasn't until literally just a few minutes ago I felt it necessary to create an account instead of lurking. Sadly, but hopefully everything will turn out okay :fl My menagerie...
  14. Fishychix

    Cold Surprise Kits, Please help —- update: they didn't make it

    Just like the title says: SURPRISE! Apparently we got our bunnies mixed up. Guess how we found out? :he I started them in a warm water bath but the bag had a hole so we moved them into a shoe bos with a heating pad all wrapped in a towel. They still feel pretty cold and I dont know how long to...