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  1. thethinkingweasel

    Good sources for geese?

    We are looking to expand our goose flock, and would especially like to find some genuine large Africans. Where do you recommend buying geese from?
  2. thethinkingweasel

    Looking for Katahdins - Southeast

    Wonderful, I will! Thanks so much!
  3. thethinkingweasel

    Looking for Katahdins - Southeast

    Hello! We are going to be expanding our flock of sheep this year and would like to get some Katahdins from a couple different bloodlines. We are in upstate SC, but could travel as far as VA, NC, GA, or eastern TN to pick up lambs. Does anyone have any breeders to recommend in the southeast region?
  4. thethinkingweasel

    Are vegan food policies legal?

    I have read that high methane emissions are caused by CAFOs, not cows per se (see ... "...farming systems can result in dramatically different emission levels. The latest EPA data indicate that the...
  5. thethinkingweasel

    Giant Pink Banana Squash

    I would love to have some seeds! We tried giving our sheep Dickinson pumpkins last year and they turned their noses up. The pigs love them, of course. But it sounds like this variety would work for both! I will try to figure out how to send a private message, @Baymule....
  6. thethinkingweasel

    Predator Pig - caught and ate a squirrel

    In our experience they won't kill the chickens, but they are happy to eat anything that's already dead. We use them as our garbage disposals for any chickens that wear out and randomly drop dead. And yes, they eat EVERYTHING else we give them ... the only thing I've seen them leave behind is raw...
  7. thethinkingweasel

    Official BYH Poll: What Animals Do You Have In Your Backyard Herd?

    Same here! We have a flock of mostly "ornamental" geese in addition to our chickens, pigs, ducks (new ducklings this year!), sheep, one goat, dogs, and barn cats.
  8. thethinkingweasel

    Sheep milk smells like sheep

    Every goat milk/meat/cheese I have ever tried tastes and smells like fur to me. Maybe this is why! However, I tried some Manchego cheese made with sheep's milk this week and it tastes fine. Store bought, but maybe the farmer/manufacturer is very careful.
  9. thethinkingweasel

    Maternity farm work clothes needed!

    I can sew enough to hem them! Just not interested in/able to make a garment from scratch.
  10. thethinkingweasel

    Maternity farm work clothes needed!

    Haha!! True, the animals don't care! I'm really attached to my nice work clothes, though, which also took me forever to find. I'm in my second trimester and my belly is about to bust the buttons off of my normal work shirts. I have found some capris and some pants that will work as the weather...
  11. thethinkingweasel

    Maternity farm work clothes needed!

    Hello friends! I am 5 months along in my first pregnancy, and have been having the hardest time finding maternity clothes that are good for working outside on the farm. My favorite work clothes are Ex Officio collared shirts with vents, and Duluth Trading cargo pants. Neither of these brands...
  12. thethinkingweasel

    Sick Katahdin lamb...

    Cydectin. It does say that it's for barber pole worms, which we read is a main cause of bottle jaw.
  13. thethinkingweasel

    Sick Katahdin lamb...

    Here are some pictures. You can see a little swelling under his chin, though it seems to have gone down. He's still seeming quite lethargic. We did give him a de-wormer.
  14. thethinkingweasel

    Sick Katahdin lamb...

    We got seven Katahdin lambs this spring, born a little later and therefore a little smaller than usual. They've been doing fine until this week. Six of them are frisky, alert, and eager to eat (grass and feed). One is a loner ... he is the smallest, tags along behind the others, and a few times...
  15. thethinkingweasel

    Feeding advice, and how to tell if a pig is fat

    Guinea Hogs are lard hogs, so they are bred to get fat. In our experience they tend to grow pretty slowly, though this might have to do with how much we feed them. This year we have had four adults and six babies/half-grown pigs in our pasture together. All are Guinea Hog/Ossabaw mix except one...
  16. thethinkingweasel

    Geese pros and cons You could search further. We got these right on the first page from Google. It's expensive up front, but 10 pounds goes a long way. When you're done with it, you throw it back in to melt and pour it...
  17. thethinkingweasel

    Geese pros and cons

    I would add that the geese are the easiest animal on the farm to take care of, because they totally feed and water themselves (we have a little pond for them -- the drainage pond from the barn, which we enlarged so they can easily swim in it -- and they also share the goat and sheep's water tub...
  18. thethinkingweasel

    Geese pros and cons

    This is my husband's input: We have fairly polite Africans and Chinese. Our Embdens are the ones that try to pick a fight. Source: Murray McMurray for all of them. We generally won't put up with genuinely mean birds on this farm; the stew pot is always hungry. However, with geese, if they are...
  19. thethinkingweasel

    Spaying/neutering piglets?

    My husband (who has several more years' experience than I do with raising Guinea Hogs & Ossabaws) says that the reason male piglets are usually neutered regardless is because of the possibility of boar taint (which is only a 1-2% chance), which ruins them for eating. But if you're not going to...