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    Fermented grains and my rabbits.

    Sorry to take so long getting back to this, but thank you for the info. We aren't fermenting right now (to cold for it to do well) but will start up again in the spring and will definitely be trying some with the rabbits! Cool stuff!
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    Balancing whole grains

    I am sorry to hear it.:( How are your other animals doing? Do you have issues with their feed as well? This must all be getting kind of scary.
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    Fermented grains and my rabbits.

    Thanks, Kassaundra! I think we'll be trying this, too. Kind of excited about it.... About how much do you feed of the fermented and sprouted grains per rabbit? What else do you feed your rabbits? Do you do any pellets at all? Hay?
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    Balancing whole grains

    Sweetened, can you give us an update on what you are feeding and how it is working out? What did you find worked the best for faster growth and better health? Did you try the lentils, and if so, how did they work? Just curious and wanting to learn....
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    Fermented grains and my rabbits.

    Kasssaundra, how about an update? Are you still feeding the fermented grain? And, if so, how are they doing? I, too, have fermented my feed for the chickens but never thought of feeding it to the rabbits. Curious as to the results. What kind of grains are you fermenting? Have you noticed a...
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    New to goats

    I think you will see a difference. We did. Feeding fodder cut our hay usage in half! It would have been more, but the size of our system wouldn't allow us to feed more fodder. The biggest advantage, at least for me, was that their milk production went up! I got 1 - 1 1/2 cups more per...
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    University of Florida study on Papaya seeds for Goat worms.

    This is excellent! I just got a case of papaya from our local food pantry and was thinking of giving the seeds to the goats. Now I definitely will!
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    Anti-Monsanto - issues

    How interesting!! Could you post pictures of your "fogs?" I have no idea what one looks like! :lol: (Sorry! I couldn't resist!)
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    First time cooking Rabbit...need AMAZING recipe!!!

    To help my family get over the "but they're so cute" factor, we ground the meat from the first several rabbits we butchered (that way you can't tell what it is :lol:). Use like you would ground turkey or chicken. Makes great burgers! After you get to like the taste, it doesn't matter what...
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    Bunnies inside.

    X2! Your whole house will smell. There is a big difference between 4 bunnies and 1.
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    dangerous lumps? or not?

    Thank you both so much! You have saved me a trip to the vet and many $$! I am so relieved and grateful. Thanks again.
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    dangerous lumps? or not?

    That is a relief to know. Thank you!!
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    dangerous lumps? or not?

    I have two 4-year-old nubian does. Both are in their third lactation. One recently had mites. As we were shampooing her the other day we noticed lumps/bumps under her belly. They feel very soft, as if they are filled with fluid. They run in fairly straight lines to her udder. At first I...
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    Watering with nipples

    :pop I'd like to know, too.
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    Is it ususual for a goat to still be in milk over a yr. after kidding?

    For the last two winters I have deliberately milked one of my goats "through." I plan on continuing with this, rotating between the three of them. This gives me milk all winter and gives the doe a break from kidding. What I found was that production will drop pretty far down during the...
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    Small scale DIY hay

    We are thinking of doing something along these lines for our goats as well. The lawn mower cuts things into really small/short pieces which are great for rabbits, but not for the goats, so we bought a sythe which we are going to use to cut the weeds when they get tall enough. We'll dry those...
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    No, the pee will not hurt. It just adds to the goodness:D If you want to up the "amps" even more, let the wash/rinse water run into the same bucket. Let steep for a day or two to make manure tea, and pour that onto your plants. Really gives them a great boost!
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    CAE and CL Testing

    Wow! One more thing to worry about! Thankfully, I'm in New Mexico, and I've never heard of anyone having a problem with this, so hopefully I'm safe. You mean you can get rabies from animals by just walking by? I thought you had to be bitten or be exposed to body fluids in some other way...
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    CAE and CL Testing

    I've never heard of this before. Why do you do it?